A “Step on the Dragon’s Tail”

Another adventure in our (partially) fictional Directorate 153 series of “fictionalized governmental speculations.”  We began to use this metaphorical framework when it became apparent to many “sources” that it could be personally hazardous to come right out publicly and explain what’s really going on in background.  Things most people are not aware of.

Subscribers are referred to the following articles which date from 2001 when we (how to say this?) “began to suspect things were not all as they appeared.”  With that, a fictionalize framework began.

12/02/2001    A Directorate 153?

09/05/2004    A man who knew Osama bin Laden – and a return visit to our fictitious Directorate 153 to see what’s next.

06/21/2009:  An Update from Directorate 153:  “We’re in control here” and where go the economic hit men and what it means to your world.

01/31/2010  The ‘Art’ of Social Engineering:  We revisit the mathematical roots of our hypothetical Directorate 153 to take a stab and when to expect terrorism’s next appearance…

November 7, 2010:  Using our fictitious Directorate 153, we look at some of the daily news headlines and look to the Tipping Point

November 12, 2014:  Time to look at Directorate 153 again as we search for how the Little Guys will be bent over next.

We won’t go through the whole list, but relative to today’s report, do pay particular attention to the more recent Directorate work on FTL (faster-than-light) communications.  Especially this report from 2020:

March 18, 2020:  Directorate 153: Entangled Communicators Welcome to another Lock-limit and crash risk day.

Which then led to visualization of data frontiers, courtesy of the same “well read source.” Which we didn’t specifically label D-153 in the Index but it’s found as August 1, 2020:  Faster Than Light Adventures.

Today, we head out to that low complex off to the side of a long runway out in the Shenandoah Valley and look in and the most recent progress.  Which sure looks akin to an ill-advised “stepping on the Dragon’s tail.”

After the ChartPack, plus ADP jobs data and a few headlines, of course.

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