A Simple Method to Spot "Fake News"

With all the attention in media to “fake news” we present a short course in sorting “wheat from chaff” today. Since I’ve got 50-years of reporting under my belt, I’ve been looking for a way to  teach anyone – in a matter of minutes – to sort “real news” from fake.

Surprisingly, this is one of those “useful insights” that happens from living a multidisciplinary life.  In today’s case,  as you’re about to discover, the “simple way to “score news” arose from my deep interest in treasure-hunting, or all things!

I’ll walk you through what promises to be a very short  and useful column, after we get some of the “usual’s” out of the way.  Specifically, some key headlines to watch and our Aggregate Index chart series.

(Our previous plans to update on the Time Machine Project have been pushed to Wednesday as I continue putting finishing touches on a radical theory called “The Q of Time.” )

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