A Silver Lining to Bond Disintermediation

Bond market isn’t growing as fast as the stock market. In relative terms, it’s shrinking. Which, we think offers a novel opportunity to offload the Federal Debt onto individual shareholders.

The process takes a wee bit of explaining, but our point is that while the Federal Debt screams toward the $30-trillion level, there is a way to “IPO it away.”

The time to offload would be when, ideally?  How about in the midst of a massive stock bubble…like right now?

Which we will table after we first roll a few headlines and review our unorthodox view of the stock market this week.

Which was even more irrational than usual – Losing Afghanistan, but let’s run up stocks.  Why, it’s almost a harbinger of Buy the Rumor – and God forbid what the Sell the News events in the wings might be…

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