A Quick Course in Stock Screening

I’ve given Elaine an interesting project:  Find some companies that she thinks we ought to invest in.   Having received approval for our minor parts change on the airplane, I think a trip to a casino somewhere would be interesting but options are far easier to play at home and you can make a lot more money at it.

Sounds simple enough until you start looking at the task in detail.  Then it becomes…well…daunting.

This morning we consider the problem of stock screening in some detail, consider some different approaches to sniffing out under-valued companies, and offer Mrs. Ure some ideas on how to organize her investment wagers.  (They are all gambles until they pay off, after which – if there is any money left – we can call ourselves “investors” rather than the more pejorative term “wild-eyed speculators.”  I won’t tell, if you don’t.

First, however, we laugh and scratch about our trading model which – while everyone was puking and worrying End of the World! at mid-week – unerringly stayed long.  My, ain’t a systematic approach great?  At least, until it isn’t.

Coffee and headlines straight away, then!

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