A Presidential Election Lesson

I’ve been hard at the charts this week and what I have to share this morning is enough to cause any sane person to consider dropping out of the presidential contest.  2017 mas “major ugly” potential.

You see:  Whoever “wins” may be looking down the barrel of a 25-30% market decline (or worse) in 2017.  It may drift above, or below that, based on how well Europe holds together (if it does at all) and how much redirection China makes to sub out consumer goods for military prepping for an eventual showdown over the South China Sea..  Not until 2022-2025, though.

Yes, we may get a “nominal” winner in November, but maybe this “win” won’t be such a bright and sparklyfirst year as we recall how 2001 and 2009 turned out…and see where we are right now.

Coffee first, however.  No point going on with a sleepy brain when taking on great matters of State and Wallet.

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