A Novel Theory of Telepathy

What?  Not exactly our usual (meat & potatoes) economic fare, for sure.  But, this week thanks to my writing up of a woo-woo piece for Urban (next weekend)  and talking to Chris McCleary, who took on the National Dream Center project that I founded back in 2008, we are moving the ball slowly downfield toward self-discovery in some most unusual ways.

A portion of this will be reported as (another weird George experiment) next weekend on UrbanSurvival under the title “Saturday Woo-Woo: Automatic Writing” but in keeping with our practice of giving subscribers the “first and best” of our work, a discussion today of how things may work in the boundary areas between work-a-day waking life and the somnambulistic higher-self  should prove more than worthwhile.

After a few headlines and at we look ahead to the (for now) still-rising market.

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