A New Approach to Strategic Investments

(Gig Harbor, WA) My note (Coping: Paint-balling the Internet) Friday reminded me that as smart as we like to think we are, when it comes to sizing up new technologies, we’re actually not that smart.  As evidence, I’d pointed to the numerous companies that various researchers have proposed will be the modern analogs to Radio Corporation of America during it’s 1919 inception through the end of World War II.

As discussed Friday, looking at the analogy between that new communications medium Radio in the 1920’s and our more recent familiarization with the full-spectrum of networked communications (e.g. text, hypertext, texting and Big Data) we don’t seem to really have a firm grip on how to best assess and invest in the emerging Big Data world.

Prompted by a trip to a local Indian casino, a recent heavy math paper, and a recurring quest common among long wave researchers, we’ll tackle new ways to make the highest returns in coming years.

After coffee, headlines, and an update on our still-optimistic Trading Model, as always.

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