A Disruptive Technology Primer

Being an ex vocational college president, I’m  big on “Learning by Doing.”  This morning we visit the “Let’s Wreck the World and Call It Progress” department.

So this morning we run through some of my checklist of major items that are likely to change in our lives and become fence posts that “corral the future” over the next 5-10 years – items which can WRECK the economy.  While the future seems to be limitless and unbounded, there are always “bounding events” coming into view, much as a squeeze chute works at the local cattle ranches.  The future happens “in the pen“.

In Wednesday’s report, I describe The Big Melt.  That’s when the virtual world starts to creep out into our comfortable (old) here and now.  Virtual blends real into something new.

This morning we begin listing things that will come along and utterly devastate what’s left of the economy during that part of future arriving.

Do we know how to have fun on the weekend, or what?

We’ll start “tearing down theses walls” as soon as we roll through some headlines and run out the Trading Model.  And as a bonus, a discussion of contradictory triangle formations.

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