A Day Without the Web

A lot has happened since I wrote the book Broken Web in 2012. Unfortunately, though, the long-term bottom-line outcome hasn’t changed.  If anything, post Wuhan, there are still more plotlines to collapse than happy endings.

This morning, two perspectives.  A look back at how television news lost America’s faith.  And a look ahead to the day we hope never happens.

We do this with the goal of keeping our minds focused and ready for any – and all – eventualities; it’s time to update our thinking and present what a day of life would be like with no internet.

I think you’ll agree, it’s a sobering mess.  Fitting for a accompanying post mortem on network news.

After a few snips of today-ish headlines and a look at the ChartPack which is busily digesting inflation and deflationary counter-currents from a very vulnerable perspective.

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