A “Credible Show”

We have hinted recently that A.I. may already be mediating the merger between global capitalism and global communism. While millions acknowledge the present economic system is broken, a context-shifter – the Global Reset – is being used to build faux consensus for global-socialism take-over.

You see, capitalism doesn’t “break” on its own.  It has been  deliberately broken through unrestrained use of debt – creating an unsustainable debt burden (national debt) to lay off onto the public.  Malfeasance in office casts long shadows.

Yet, as we shall address this morning, some  of the most challenging problems ahead adjusting to the Great Swindle will include dialing-back consumer choice, and finding enough “work” to productively engage 7.7-billion people.

We will be redefining “success” is in a world negotiated into the capitalist-socialist hybrid.  Oh, and with the same cast of clowns pulling the strings.

It’s more a series of questions than hard & fast answers.  We’ll take these up after a few headlines and charts.

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