A Course in Moneymaking: Can "Good Investing" Be Taught?

This morning we explore an outline of how I’ve come up with a trading approach that I am willing to commit some real money to. 

Not that I expect to become overnight “rich” by doing so, but after almost 50-years of interviewing financial experts and a ton of personal learning, I’ve come to the conclusion that making money in the markets is not really all that tough.

What IS tough is the personality aspect of investing.

So this morning we begin with what could easily turn into a book-length discussion because I want to try and pull together a lot of different investment concepts into some kind of “whole cloth” that will make sense both to the professional investor, as well as the person who doesn’t have the 50-years it has taken me to gather all this.

In the end,  we find some “rules of money” and about “rules of investment” and basics of several kinds of “technical analysis.”  But the toughest enemy of all in life – and investing – is ourselves.

After some headlines and coffee, and the ChartPack, of course, I’ll tell you what my personal Book of Truth is all about….

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