A Climate Note to the Heirs

It’s easy to have “right now” views.  But, how’re they going to look 10-50 or 100-years out?  We “seasoned citizens” are supposed to have a clue on this stuff.  But on issues like climate, urban sprawl, soil depletion and disappearing fresh water?

In the Ure family – not over-done just usefully sized – is a kind of Father to Son downloading process.  Learning to look real-time at what might be useful in our (senior view, remaining 7,300 days of) Life.  And passing on some ideas beyond that for those who follow. Short-range to long term.

As my Danish grandmother often reminded:  “Our Children are Our Immortality.”  (Immortality is in a world a trouble, ain’t it?)

Today some ideas on (as Garner-Ted used to say) on the approaching “World Tomorrow.”  But not until after headlines and the ChartPack.    Current balances matter, too.  Someone has to cut the checks to buy tomorrow, after all.  The heirs will get their turn…but not just yet.

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