9/11+20: America’s (Still) Soft Underbelly

Much somber discussion and recall this weekend. But around here, something more.  The realization that despite billions, if not trillions spent on the National Security State, America is just loaded with weak underbellies waiting for someone to attack.

Perhaps related to the calendar, we’ll cover our new “Exceptional Fear Indicator” based on market action in the Aggregate Index.

A series of remarks from my Consigliere who has been thinking long and hard about this.  As you’ll see, the opportunity for terrorism can never be truly eliminated.  For where there’s evil, there’s a way.

Not much more chipper, today’s ChartPack updates out likely Crash date pick for this fall.  We need to have that “preserving “widow and orphan money” discussion again.  The kind we had in the late summer of 2008 when you could already feel the financial underpinnings beginning to shake.

More coffee?  A few headlines?  Then we’re look at and see what’s to be learned from looking back.

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