31 Habits of Miserable People

Most folks become like the people they hang out with. But it seemed to me (on a reflective birthday weekend and all) that I really needed a more formalized checklist of “things to look for” in other people.

Not that I’m putting myself above anyone else, mind you. In fact, it’s the opposite.  I have enough problems on my own that hanging around with people who don’t offer a fair exchange is a real timewaster.

This was part of a larger internal symposium on “what’s left to win in Life?”  Again, not that I’ve done it all.  But what constitutes “winning” when all you can leave with is what’s between your ears?

A few notes from headlines, which are we warned of on UrbanSurvival earlier, were expected to run off on a media-orchestration of hating Vlad Putin for the death of a political opponent.  Yet, political opponents in America are somehow treated better?

Then there’s our ChartPack, which is pointing where gravity goes.  Plus, we’ll remind you to go read G.A. Stewart’s piece on what Nostradamus has in store for the world next month. And circle March 11 in red.

More coffee before we start into it?

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