Forensic Economics: The Dogs of History

Once again, the daily news flow provides some interesting insights into the cyclical nature of human behavior and the emerging Digital World Order (DWO).  In ways that may be useful when looking at macro crowd-level behaviors among humans.

Perhaps even more interesting, from the perspective of historical rhyming, is the tax decisions this week which may set up a showdown between terrestrial and space-based digital assets.

The Digital World Order (DWO) is emerging now.  And it will change your online environment and add costs as it grows.  Even at the U.S. Fed is burying key financial data to make it less accessible to the technically unwashed.

Which we will dig into – along with some very interesting ChartPack views, right after we sing some rhymes of History.

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Can “They” Pull It Out?

“They” being the PowersThatBe in the financial universe.  Main focus is on the ChartPack this morning.  Sure, we were entertained by the J. Powell “fed-speak” but the focus on jobs is likely to be a problem since jobs in America will come at the expense (largely) of jobs elsewhere in the world.  Think Asia.

We have only a few headlines.  Mainly, this is a time to look at the world and see through the hype – like the Tiger Woods story – and look for meaningful data that will drive life going forward.

It’s not popular at the water cooler.  But we’d rather impress “the bank” than “average people.”  Just kinda funny, that way…

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Fixing the World in 3 Deft Moves

A broad look at America’s energy future this morning.  We think a week during which people were in the dark – by the millions – is a pretty good time to relight the discussion about energy.

We considered a discussion of how this week was very much like a Grid Hard Down scenario, but thought better of it.

Instead, we discuss the interplay of electric and hybrid vehicles and discuss some super-insulated home ideas.

First, however, a few headlines and some charts.

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Storm Tactics – A Critique

Some things we got right – a few things wrong.

What ate the key lessons from the second major storm series to hit Texas this year?  Some Surprising learnings.

First though, a look at some headlines – yeah, about Texas – and then into the ChartPack before we “Go outside and “play in the snow…”

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