Digital Gardening: Liberation or Insurrection?

Events this week again underscore America’s increasing ability to “talk-past” one another. Outrage in Minneapolis is justified. But rioting in other cities?  And further, is burning out a police precinct building even if the mayor seemed to clear the way for it?

Helpful Hint:  Digital Gardeners send their vegetables to riot.

In play is the much larger picture lightly sketched is a problem we have been tracking since 2002 when Peoplenomics first raised some of the troubling issues – still unresolved – of the “digital life” transition we seem intent on achieving.  Information farmers own the high ground.

Basically, absent a high level of personal discipline, high-minded goals, and a resolute attitude that the worst of the physical world shouldn’t come with us into digital realms, the Digital World has become just as screwed-up as the nominal physical world before it.

How to fix?  How to even conceptualize it…some guideposts after the usual headlines and charts.

Oh, and Podcast #22 is here.  This week, my consigliere talks about his war model that has – since 1979 – been forecasting war with China in the 2022-2024 time frame.  And that fits in all-too neatly with the Trump decision on China over Hong Kong announced Friday.

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On Reducing Your Operating Costs

A practical discussion and hints on reducing the cost of living. With more people working at home, the kids being home and all that, it’s harder to do.

But “convention be damned” as we say around here.  Let’s see if we can’t find some ways to make home both affordable and enjoyable – especially now that summer is here.

After the dollop of charts and financial speculations – of which there is a lot going around.

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Prepping for Wave 2

With more than 100-million back in locked in China, why isn’t the U.S. media talking about recurrent risk?  Sure, it’s great if someone has found a potential vaccine.

But even with a “silver bullet”: at the ready, there are logistical and ethical problems all over the place.  Starting with track, adjuvants, preservatives, and more.

The problem is “we little people” won’t have much input to what goes on over on the medical or legal frontiers.

Where we do have  incredible personal power is in planning out strategies should a “Round 2” happen in America, just as it is in China.

Before we jump into the deep end, however, a bit of headline sampling, the ChartPack on markets, and some coffee.

‘Round Two’ may seem like a boxing term, but around here? More like outside the box

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