"Building a Real Time Machine" (Part 3)

Narrowing the “fishing grounds” today, we consider the Q of Time. Sounds incredible, but as I’ve accumulated the data over the past several years, there is compelling reason to pursue two very specific lines of inquiry outlined in the three earlier reports on this.

Today, we’ll begin the process of putting past time travel events into a format that will provide for easy analysis.  With that we should be able to “box-in” a small specific hunting ground.

First, however, some morning headlines and our ChartPack = plus the ADP jobs report –  as the market continues trying to figure out what to do with all the recent Fed liquidity…

Pack sandwiches and a Thermos for this one – runs north of 6,600 words, not counting charts and figures…

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A Simple Method to Spot "Fake News"

With all the attention in media to “fake news” we present a short course in sorting “wheat from chaff” today. Since I’ve got 50-years of reporting under my belt, I’ve been looking for a way to  teach anyone – in a matter of minutes – to sort “real news” from fake.

Surprisingly, this is one of those “useful insights” that happens from living a multidisciplinary life.  In today’s case,  as you’re about to discover, the “simple way to “score news” arose from my deep interest in treasure-hunting, or all things!

I’ll walk you through what promises to be a very short  and useful column, after we get some of the “usual’s” out of the way.  Specifically, some key headlines to watch and our Aggregate Index chart series.

(Our previous plans to update on the Time Machine Project have been pushed to Wednesday as I continue putting finishing touches on a radical theory called “The Q of Time.” )

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SMGC: Slow-Motion Global Collapse (1)

Bad news:  The end of the world may not come with a bang, but instead with a whimper.  Looking at the general “flow of life” from the long-term perspective of a 70-something, there are disconcerting signs popping up all over.

Yet few are able to put it into words. 

So we’ll take up that mantle this morning after our charts and the major headlines driving this to be called another “hump day.”

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Telluric Energy Prospecting

Lab notes today on some of our “further-out” thinking. Including oddities like the study of local earth currents and “earth batteries.”  Where does over-unity fit?

While there has been “buzz” around the internet for years about  coming “new electrics” with much energy (and hype) focused on things like the over-unity motor quest, I think there may be lower-hanging fruit in other areas of science.  Worth this morning’s cup of coffee.

Then again, so are hot issues like Brexit and what may be retribution to follow.  Plus there’s the matter of how bad will crop yields be this year and more.

More important than our low-probability of breakthrough research, though, We’ll explore the process of asking “Right Questions” and “instrumentation,”  Coupled with a unabashed willingness to “fish in strange new waters,” there may be hope for humans, yet.

“Anchors away!” We go fishing today for “free energy” after analyzing some news and do some serious chart-gazing…

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