“Old People” Money

You can’t take it with you, but you don’t want to squander it, either.    So this morning, driven in part by my getting a 12-lead EKG prior to an upcoming hernia operation, we will look at how to win playing the “Old People” Money Game when age creeps into the upper double-digits.

There are a ton of choices possible when building a retirement program, but unfortunately, the playing field keeps getting “tipped.”  As a result, what looked like a good deal a few years back may not be so hot now or in the future.

This morning we go tip-toeing through them tulips.

After the requisite headlines and the charts, of course.

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“Centralized Manufacturing Must Die…”

The revolution we forecast in 2005 with the appearance of desktop 3D printers is now here.  Open source 3D has gone very mainstream. We just waiting for the killer app (print files) that will make it all a must-have.

Today, a look back at some of our work from the period and review how that forecast (and our back-when website on topic, www.nationaldesignlibrary.org, worked out and who’s in that space today.

All because we have hit the “watershed price point” so yeah, a lot of “Manufacturing Must Die.”

Funeral plans after some headlines and charts. The world of custom mass manufacturing (done at home) beckons.

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Organizing a Serious Workshop

Many people have “special interest’ workspaces.  But what if you have lots of interests?  Why, in no time at all, you will find all of your space – home, garage, all of it – eaten-up by a plethora of tools.

Late summer is a good time of year to spend some quality “shop time” on organizing, Here are some ideas that might increase your productivity as well as your enjoyment of project-making and being a “maker.”.

But first, we roll through the headlines and charts since shops not only take time, and some organizing, but also a fair bit of money, done right.  (May noad slowly due to large number of graphics…)

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A Modest Economic Conspiracy Theory

We’re not big on conspiracy theories, except when we find one supported by the data!  It’s not simple to explain how we got there, but you may see, as I certainly did, the clear shadow of a “hidden hand” behind society-wide market moves.

The problem – even more complex than the data sets – is now that we have the data, what is it trying to tell us?  How do we change it?

Just the kind of thing some cream cheese Danish and  coffee is designed to sort out.  After our usual few headlines to turn-over the crank between the ears…

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