December “Crash Alert”

This morning we scrap our usual format (headlines, charts, in depth report) to lay everything out in as much context as possible.

This is not alarmist – at least in the usual sense:  We are not saying the coming week will be a disaster.  But, the odds bump up from the non-zero region far enough to have our rapt attention.

Tray tables and seatbacks in their upright and locked position?

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BrainAmp II- A Peoplenomics Collaboration

First up this morning, the “Only Chart That Matters” – as we roll into a potential next leg down for markets next week.

Then, A number of subscribers have asked if there was a possibility of getting a more detailed market forecasting tool than the free spreadsheet (brainamp.xls) that is available to subscribers from the master index page..

The answer is “You bet! But there is some necessary fine print.  In order to make this project really valuable, we need to collect as many “Elliott wave trading rules” as possible in order to write the logic I have in mind.

I think you’ll see when we get into it, this “second generation” of market predictor may not only give us better understanding of Wave structures we’re considering at the primary level, but the rules may provide us an “educated” guess at the subordinate (smaller) wave structures..

In other words, if you know an Elliott Wave 1 move (up or down) then that not only infers what will happen at that level, but it also ripples down to the next finer level of granularity. (You do follow, right?)

We’ll get into this after we reveal the One Chart That Matters right now..

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A Cautious Look at Growth

Big smoke – not so much fire.  And we’ll pass on where some of that smoke has been blown (ahem!)…

We return to a familiar topic this morning with some fresh data to ponder:  What is “growth” and how is both the media and the political sphere spinning things?

After headlines, of course, and our weekly dozen-plus charts that (we hope!) print future money for us…

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