What Comes After the Fire Department?

Although it has been “the Fire Department” almost forever, it may be time to consider a rebranding effort because the scope of the fire service has changed dramatically.

This morning, a first chapter of a proposed book and a description of where it goes as the data is rolled out.  And subscribers will have an opportunity to send a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on whether the book is warranted.

First, though, we look at some mighty bothersome data from the Federal Reserve and a few headlines before marching into Chapter 1.

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Here Comes “Responsive Video”

God, I love history.

Not only have we been able to use it to line our pockets with modest (-1 to +3% per week) gains  (or tiny losses)  in the stock market, but in addition, we even know where to look for “the next generation of tech.”

So if this really is the analog to the 1928-1929 period, what was the New Tech that showed up (predictably) right at the pinnacle of the Roaring Twenties?

Why television, of course! Heard of it?  See Philo Taylor Farnsworth and 1927 here.

So it’s hardly surprising that “Responsive Video” is creeping into the public mind around the edges now.

But before we futurize, let’s monetize.  With some trend-drivers in the news and of course, that marvelous system of looking at markets we call the Aggregate Approach.

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Business Model Threat Analysis

What is a business model?

What constitutes a threat to a business model?

And why would you give a rip?

Seems a reasonable set of questions – the answers just ahead as soon as a few headline, the ChartPack, and the coffee is done.

The good news?

Business model (threats) are more than just an investment tool.  They can also save your career from long-term disaster.

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Investing: Step-by-Step for Millennials

A beginner’s Guide today.  How much to get started, how to pick an online brokerage, and a ton more including how to make – and read – your own charts.

One of our readers – a Millennial at that – asked if I could whip up such a simple, step-by-step guide to how to invest in the stock market. Something for newbies.

Since I wrote the Millennial’s Missing Manual, and that eBook – which will be on Amazon any minute – is all about processes and how you can do anything ever done by another human (if you can find their recipes), why not apply the same thing to the stock market?

Easy-peasy, right?

So this morning we will dispense with the headlines – since you can find the flow of news updated every few minutes from our news/RSS feed page over here, we will combine everything about investing into a series of really easy-to-follow steps.  There is also a reading list – the mechanical part is simple.  The strategies is where the gold is buried.

Who knows?  Maybe even my own Gen-x kids will find it worth reading…

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