A Simple “Brain Amplifier” Project

imageOK, you’re wonder, what is a “brain amplifier?”

Well, odds are good you’re reading this on some kind of a computer and they are definitely “brain amplifiers” but few people use them as they could be used to do things like, oh, make better stock trades and such. 

Instead, people tend to take off-the-net software, plug in some really basic configuration nonsense and call it “an application.”

While that works for Social Media and a few goodies like that, they are not likely to make you any richer financially and they will almost certainly withdraw a lot of your time from your life bank of that stuff.

So this morning a rap about “Bain Amplifiers” and how to apply a little Peter Drucker to the time we walk around.

So in order to really begin to take more control of our lives and outcomes, let’s bean-up and move along to some headlines and our charts…

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Self-Classified Fiction

imageEveryone likes a good story, especially if it is of the late Tom Clancy, high-tech genre.  But here’s an interesting problem:  What would a writer do if they came up with an idea which, for a specific part of our technological history, could do great harm to the country?

Would you publish?  Or, would you simply sit on the concept for a while…and wait until is passes?

This morning we roll out a very short story about how just such an attack on America might have been pulled off back in 2003.  But it’s no longer possible for reasons we won’t delve too deeply into.  Still, the key thing to be learned from the exercise is that if one simply looks around at the macro trends in society and government, one can do some pretty good scenario-building about the future.

And if you choose to make personal life-planning moves based on such an assessment?  Well, there are worse things that living a semi-autonomous life.

More on that after a few headlines and our charts.  At these last, we’ll throw a few darts here in the middle of G20 week…

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Staying Fed in the Second Depression

imageTime for the 5th chapter of our “Second Depression Handbook” to roll out.

We bounce this morning into the 5th chapter of our planning book on the Second Depression.  I still hold to the notion that we are not yet in a position to have the kind of down-and-out grinder of an economic catastrophe that Depressions are.

Simple:  There is still too much government can do to avoid the issue.  But roll forward a couple of years, out in the 2017 to 2018 period, toss in a new and failing administration, a return of the California drought, and increase in trade warfare, and massive population displacements due to too many people and not enough jobs…well, now we’re getting somewhere.

So we sit back this morning still hoping we have a couple of more years to run…which would be nice because this would not be a good weekend for the world to end…

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The Greater Worry than Gold Confiscation

imageHold or Fold on Gold  Confiscation Ahead? It’s the fourth chapter in our Second Depression Handbook that we’re writing for subscribers on-the-fly deals with confiscation odds and that means we will be taking a look at the events of 1930-1934.  This was the period that included the calling of both gold and silver in the Great Depression.  Some interesting clues are there for the taking.

We will review some important historical information and provide important background on what was going on in the handling of the nation’s money back then.

More importantly, we can then project what all this could mean for modern day investors as we try to out-wit Washington’s klepto-class when comes to moving assets from today into a very uncertain future in the 2017-2020 timeframe.

Plus there’s our ongoing ChartPack series which is also beginning to flash an important sign about the period just ahead.  Toss in some headlines to keep current, too.

This morning’s report is interesting enough that you might want to roll with decaf.

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