The Peoplenomics Second Depression Handbook (i)

imageWe are off on another book-writing adventure. 

This time, we will pull together and synthesize from of our earlier Peoplenomics reports, a bit of economic theory, and even a fair bit of look-ahead material which we use to divine trends in their infancy where they can be utilized to personal advantage.

Regardless of whether our expected fifth wave up occurs, it is now time to begin looking in earnest at the daunting project of collecting several tons of material and putting it into lay form so that people not versed in economics, trading, or investment in general, will be able to make sense out of what is coming down the pipe.

As we will explore in a potential opening chapter today (“A Matter of Perspectives“) one of the key difficulties is that really comprehending the nature of cataclysmic change is how you choose to consider the problem.

Hence, after our charts and a few news observations about a pretty boring week, we will offer some “perspective on perspective” as a reasonable starting vantage point from which to look ahead to what’s coming down the road.

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Seven for Success

imageWhile we are watching the markets slog it out this week – all to move but a few points from last Friday’s close in our Aggregate Index view of things – I wanted to pass along some ideas that will be useful regardless of Age.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic lately because periodic “life reviews” are a good thing. 
What I found was a collection of seven skills which can be brought out an applied just as you’d employ a business process to roll out a new ERP platform.
So after the charts this morning, a review of these seven critical skills that differentiate humans from robots.

And the weird thing? They all begin with the letter “R.”  Go figure.

First up, though:  Native warnings, Trump threatens, and the Bundy stand-off ends badly….

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Another Visit to the Threat Board

imageA while back  (April 2015, Peoplenomics 708-A “Should you build a Home Intelligence Platform?“) we discussed the value of using readily available web-based tools to help you spot trends.
We are paying a lot of attention lately to the word “trend” for another reason:  We’re writing a book on our word-frequency approach to Big Data and how it can be used to improve expectation confidence in coming events.
Admittedly, the process is like standing in the center lane of a busy freeway and listening to distinguish the sound of an approaching Kenworth W900 in your lane versus a T-660 in the outside lane…..
Don’t worry if that sounds a bit challenging at this hour…we’ll tear it down to coffee-sized bits.  But the main thing is we will be looking in on the Global Threat Board because it’s time to do that again.  If the concept isn’t familiar, you can find it in the January 17, 2015 Peoplenomics #697-B over here.
We’ll skip the old trucker joke about how “Ma wants Pa to get a new Peterbuilt…” and move on to the blizzard of data to dig out from under.

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Second Depression Playbook: You Need a "1740 Plan" Right Now

imageThere are times in Life when doing the easy thing and doing the “hard thing” are in sharp contrast.
Most people are “average” because they behave in “average ways” and don’t anticipate properly. 

On the other hand, the “above average person” does anticipate and observes threshold levels that dictate action. 

This morning we will cover why the S&P 1,740 level is critical and why you need a fairly robust plan of action if you’re going to preserve capital and be in a position to prosper while others try to simply “muddle through.”

But first, off to the breaking news on consumer prices…

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