2016: Cross-Migrations, Europe’s Pending Implosion

imageYou see, there are two sets of migrations underway on the planet presently.

One of these is obvious, physical, and emotionally impacting:  That is the physical relocation processes underway in places like Europe, but oddly, not in the core Middle East.

The second migration is the “other” one – as people get “off planet” and into augmented mind “space” with social media and the [useless drivel] of social video games.

Still, in order to understand what lies ahead, pretend we’re standing at a busy traffic light.
One street is filled with physical refugees who are being manipulated into new locations for some unspoken agenda.

On  the other street are “presently-located” people who are spending the majority of their  waking hours in virtual spaces.

To make matters more complicated, the traffic light is showing green in all directions.  And the migrants themselves are all blind.

So stand by as we provide some economic insight into how the “Crossing Migrations of 2016” are likely to work out.

Sadly, most American – and Westerners, for that matter – have almost no appreciation for the fact we’re all being “virtualized.” 

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