Functions of War: Iron Mountain II (pt. 1)

imageIf you like conspiracy thinking, and you have not yet read the complete book “Report from Iron Mountain (on the accessibility and desirability of Peace)” you really need to Google it or pick up a copy from a bookseller.

Although there has been much conversation in the public press about how this 1967 book published by Dial Press was likely a farce on the Vietnam War and the whole “war gaming mindset” we continue to extract huge swaths of meaning from the book in such diverse realms as computer programming and logical approaches to “unthinkable” problems.

Hence, this morning we tackle the first parts of Report from Iron Mountain with an eye not toward what is held by the crowd to be just a “farce.”

Because, as you’ll see as this series unfolds, when you look at the books “Substitutes for War” one topic – distinctly missing in 1967 – is terrorism.

As we will demonstrate, not only does it meet all the functions of war, but it does so in the most controlled manner possible.

Or hadn’t you noticed?

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Trouble: As in Turkey

image(Amarillo, TX)  Still trying to get back to our ranch-stead in what we call the East Texas Outback, at least eight-hours of driving lies ahead with both of us suffering from the misery of a cold/flu that has dogged us since Las Vegas.

On the way, we have been going back and forth as we travel about what the best personal financial strategies are for the period from now to 10-years out.

And it all comes down to turkey.

Not as the place to shoot-down a Russian jet, but of the sort that symbolizes the Holiday tomorrow.

And, as you’re about to read:  That turkey – the one of Thanksgiving – is in trouble at multiple levels.  And not only for this year…but for years to come.

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Traveler’s Prepping School

Yes, the column was late this morning, but for reasons that you’ll understand in a minute. And it all revolves around what I call traveler’s prepping issues.

After a few headlines, we’ll go through some of the shortcomings in our own travel preps and offer a checklist of items for the “totally prepped” auto adventure.

But the core of this morning’s report is an idea I call “Iron Mountain, II.” 

Turns out, we may be on to the underlying cause of all that goes on in the world…

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Slots, Life-Loops, and Investments…

image(Sedona, AZ)  Very much a “to the point” column this morning as we discuss our “secret mission” of the current road trip.  You didn’t think we would be driving and leaving the airplane home in the hangar without a damn good reason, do you?

Then, Saturday we will focus on the art of “investing” again, versus “trading.”  But this morning’s column is about the “softer side” of how that investing stuff takes place and how to trouble-shoot our own thinking when we start to make bad investment decisions.

So this morning a bit of analysis of investment and trading using a very neat tool called Life Loops.

It also happens that it ties in with our “secret mission,” and how we live (and score) this pony-ride called Life.

But let’s begin with the undisclosed other details of my slot machine approach which I promised yesterday…

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