How to Slaughter the Bond Bulls

While the Fed announcement today is not likely to see an increase in rates (fall is more probable) there is still a very interesting bit of learning to be had by graphing out the ultra long-term Velocity of Money.

Not surprisingly, the Velocity now is wose than it has been at any time in the last 115 years.

That is a terrible structural problem for the Fed to deal with – and in this morning’s analysis we’ll explain why and how it will impact you personally.

First, however, the usual:  A few news tidbits and other goodies like our Trading Model.  Plus many cups of coffee…

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Quest for “The Signal”

Forget about UFOs, ETs, life on other planets, or putting a few bucks a month into a SETI fund.

Not that these aren’t fine ways to spend money, after you have saved for retirement, paid off your car, student loans, and don’t owe anyone a dime ands have burned the mortgage… I mean they’re nice and all.  But where’s your priority?

Here lately I’m on on a question for something I call THE SIGNAL.

You know – the one that will tell you with adequate lead-time when to make this trade, or that, and which will result in becoming so fabulously wealthy that you will be able to buy a UFO, ET, or a whole large array for SETI to use.

This weekend, some design and theory notes on how to go signal sniffing for the one signal that could really make a difference in your life.

After we take cared of a few headline items and after we stare into the Trading Model to see where things are going in the short-term.

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Designing a Perfect Retirement Home

Oh, sure, you’re thinking “One of those places where old people go to die?


I’m  talking about the average American couple who has looked after their health a bit, has a paid-for home, and wants to live out life there for as long as possible.

What will in take to make a home “work” well into the 80’s and (with any luck) beyond?

This week, we do a bit of planning in that direction, while we update the Trading Model and look at a few headlines along the way.

In keeping with the Peoplenomics outlook, we are not heavily into spending money, so much as we try t buy the right things that will give us a leg up on life.

Do that well and you’re way ahead of the pack…

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“Where Are the Good Guys?”

Time to think about doing away with insurance companies, I’m afraid.

Any time we have government telling us we MUST buy something, under penalty, whose bright idea was it to keep the middle-men involved to scam fat profits from the public which is REQUIRED to buy something?

That’s where our bottom line goes this morning, but along the way we will look at everything from Donald Trump’s rubbing shoulders with mobsters to the problem of exploitation of first people in Bolivia.

So yes, time to brace up with a strong cup of Arabica and see how the world really works, again. 

And in this morning’s ChartPack, how our Aggregate Index screams there is a huge rally possible, but only a short-term bounce for the rest of the world’s markets.

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