The Economics of Anarchy

This morning we visit the smoking ruins of Baltimore and see parallels to an earlier period of economic history in America.

We will also recount how sequential bad decisions by government have “piled on” the woes before us, using the behavioral economics approach.

But first, we’ll sample a few shorter term stories and sit back amazed, again, at how our Trading Model has managed to navigate the present economic uncertainty with amazingly good success…

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The War On Cash: A Threat Matrix

We get a real kick when a “new” topic wanders around the internet.  Sometimes memes (thought viruses) are little more than bad colds.  They keep getting passes around…

So as background before delving into this morning’s report, subscribers may wish to look at our rather comprehensive historical views of the present “attack on cash” outlined in some of these articles in the subscriber reference library:

12/20/2003   Cashless Society: The Banker’s “Way Out”? Just add zeroes and who cares about debt?   (Kill the power and you have instant revolution, too…)

9/27/2009:  Competing Uses of Cash:  OK, so government’s been corrupted by special interests and there may be a war across time going on.  Now what do we do with cash?

5/29/2011:  The Last Days of Cash – if the paradigm is going to survive, regulation of the net becomes key to defending coin or the realm...  

5/7/2014: Notes on the ongoing attack of personal cash.  And jitters about carriers are building in data sets

1/5/2015:  Cash and Equivalents – if the world hits the skids, do you have the necessities of life and comfort lined up and ready?

Although it has been in the works for a long time, there have been recent rumblings in large banks recently on this very point.  So, if you wake up some morning and discover that banks are no longer dealing in cash and checks, absent government action, don’t say you didn’t see it coming, since I’ve been ringing this bell for well over a dozen years.

The problem is the bell has gotten louder recently and time is here to start planning the options carefully.

After we roll through some headlines and our Trading Model’s latest outlook…oh, and my ain’t that a coincidental earthquake?…we’ll size up some risks.

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The Ultimate Prepper’s Low Power Stereo FM Radio Station

img564…for the end of the world. 

Sick and tired of the MSM?  Who isn’t! 

Tired of the crumby playlist you’ve head for the zillionth time on your FM station?

Want some information, so MP3’s aren’t ideal?

The radical prepper’s answer (and we have ours on the air) is to build your own radio station!

Yep – very much like a radio selfie, and complying with all the applicable rules, this is something you can set up and have ready for emergencies, plus when you’re down working in the shop, our gardening or doing yard work, you can have your own personal FM station playing exactly what YOU want it to.

Complete with station breaks and jingles, if you’d like.  And what about a network feed, time, temperature and live weather?

Sure.  Piece of cake.

The idea of sharing this with our Peoplenomics readers came when I was working on my website.  “You know?  I think a LOT of people would find this useful,” I thought to myself.  So today, we skip the whole “design a serious music studio” for recording that first Platinum CD you’re working on.  Let’s get right to the “Low Power FM for the End of the World” part…

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A Disruptive Technology Primer

Being an ex vocational college president, I’m  big on “Learning by Doing.”  This morning we visit the “Let’s Wreck the World and Call It Progress” department.

So this morning we run through some of my checklist of major items that are likely to change in our lives and become fence posts that “corral the future” over the next 5-10 years – items which can WRECK the economy.  While the future seems to be limitless and unbounded, there are always “bounding events” coming into view, much as a squeeze chute works at the local cattle ranches.  The future happens “in the pen“.

In Wednesday’s report, I describe The Big Melt.  That’s when the virtual world starts to creep out into our comfortable (old) here and now.  Virtual blends real into something new.

This morning we begin listing things that will come along and utterly devastate what’s left of the economy during that part of future arriving.

Do we know how to have fun on the weekend, or what?

We’ll start “tearing down theses walls” as soon as we roll through some headlines and run out the Trading Model.  And as a bonus, a discussion of contradictory triangle formations.

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