What is the Data Telling Us?

A reader asked me what I thought of some fellow running around the ‘net telling people he had inside information that the US population was going to be reduced 88% by 2025.  Said reader asked “What is Ure take on it?”

Simple:  Doom porn. 

Hey, it’s an industry and – one could argue since I have worked so much on future/futuring, one that I bear some responsibility for helping to create.

That said, I have renounced the doom porn crowd and it has cost thousands upon thousands of insecure, nail-biters, anxious to be believe the end is near.

The truth?  Ain’t no 88% pop-redux (or global coastal events so far) despite whatever the “End is Near and we’ll sell it to yah” types are peddling.

So instead this morning you’ll have to deal with a likely market decline which – while it won’t end the future of humans – WILL be something you might want to avoid.  Or, if you’re a horrible old capitalist, you might want to scalp a few bucks on.  But first….

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Can the Recovery Recover?

While the “happy-talk crowd” continues to crow about how well the economy is doing, the reality as shown by multiple indicators paints a different picture.

We’ll brush off a little of the optimism this morning, but not without being mindful that a herd of lemmings is a difficult thing to turn, even if their thinking is quite wrong-headed.

We’ll saddle up and ride into some hard data after headlines and coffee.  One needs a bit of reinforcing before taking on a full herd of lemmings.

Reader Note: We will be filing a formal complaint today about site caching by a certain California group which insists on serving up outdated UrbanSurvival content.  Problem is not on our end – it’s in how caching is being operated by those who apparently don’t appreciate our candid views on things.

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The Canals of Earth and Mars

imageWith the drought kicking up its heels again in California, we head out on a limb this morning and sketch up what could be the upcoming environmental fight of a lifetime.  As usual, we’re going to be way ahead of the crowd on this, and it may not happen for another 100-years. 

The timing will be set by the oscillations of El Nino and La Nina, which seem to be at extremes presently, which is causing the drought to be quite horrific in the Southland.  However, as we all know, it’s not the first time – and the great California drought from the 1840’s through the Civil War period – a period of similar terrible farming conditions – can hardly be blamed on global warming.  That doesn’t stop modern tax and spenders, though. 

This morning we inspect a plan to solve California’s water crisis, and all it will take is trashing millions of acres of Canada and First People lands to do it.  Oh, and a hell of a tax hit, too.

But before we lay out the coming environmental nightmare, we’ll do headlines and bow down again to our Trading Model which unerringly got us through the recent choppiness in the market with some of the best guidance out there.  Who would have thought?

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The Case for Europe’s Coming Currency Collapse

There’s been some talk about Europe’s currency (the Euro) coming to parity with the U.S. dollar.  This morning, we’re going to prepare by taking that data a bit farther, along with some other deflationary indicators, and see if there’s not a bit of opportunity for us “wannabe world traveler” types.

Meantime, the monumental egomaniacs of EU banking have been called out in demonstrations against their $1.4 billion Euro offices in Frankfurt.  And you wonder by the EU has been dropping?  No EUkraine sweep and now this….tisk, tisk.

After we’re done with the data review, it won’t be time to pack, but it does lead to some interesting possibilities for late this year into perhaps 2017-2018.

First, though, a look at our Trading Model and why it says the Fed can talk tough all it wants, but the pressure is on them now to keep rates low, become even more accommodating, as the world’s currencies slip into “push on a wet noodle” mode, common to all deflationary spiral economic environments toward the end.

Pour more coffee, Mr. Cheerful is here…

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