Financial Icebergs Colliding

Subscriber Note:  This Weekend’s report will be published around mid day Sunday because I really need more bandwidth than is practical shipboard (like some software runs on financial sites to make sure we’re using Big Data to our advantage.  I’ll be running data scanning from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning and then working out how to read those text leaves…

(Somewhere of Honduras)  This morning we pull back the curtains to reveal the chart no one in government bothers to mention.  The reason?  It’s based on a couple of things that go largely unreported in the mainstream press.  Among these is the inflation-adjusted income level or workers, the real population of the US (which yes, includes deployed military) and from this we can make a most revealing chart of how economic reality has been working out.

Which, it shouldn’t surprise you, is much more like the economic long wave than the touts of this or that from either party.

If you’re strongly partisan, it will be a disappointment.  The political process, when you count all the bodies and all the inflation adjusted average earnings data has merely reduces politics to the Pinocchio Party and the Lying Fishermen’s Party…and we’re all out for a cruise with them.

Care to guess among what?

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The World’s Oldest Prepper’s Manual

How old is the earliest advice on prepping?

We think we’ve traced some fine country wisdom back to Ionian times, and while much longer than our usual report, once you get past all the references to Zeus (plus instructions on where to pee and where not to…) there is actually some interesting folk wisdom to be had.

So this week, a look into the past as we look at the long history of prepping and making our way in an uncertain world.  Which has been an uncertain place for at least the past 2,000 years and we got the goods to prove it.

After coffee and news headlines not to mention our Trading Model.  I mean the world may be uncertain, but no need to be poor, now, is there?

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Is FAME a New Kind of Money?

Okay, the past month or so, we have been looking at the weird changes to what was once a fairly straightforward science called economics which is now being spun on his head by not only digital currencies but something even stranger: Fame.

This was covered a while back by PBS in one of their outstanding FrontLine reports dealing with Friends, Followers, and Fame. It was titled “Generation Like.”  But they didn’t roll deeply into the economic implications so we’ll do that this morning.

The problem is that in a digital society, a new form of currency is evolving before our eyes. This morning we’ll take an unabashed look at this weird phenomenon and see if we can make sense of it and what it portends for our future.

As usual however, we will begin with coffee, a few headlines, and then that ever important Trading Model.

Unless we suddenly become famous before we get that far…which would be fine…

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Compunism: How it’s Killing the Music Industry

It’s Valentine’s Day and we all love music, right? This week I’m going to take you on a short tour of our home recording studio and explain how it grew into what it is today.  Which has what to do with economics?  Talk about an industry rocked by changing technology!  Yee-gads!

I mean besides showing you a shopping list for a kick-but home project studio for under $500? (*Not including computer), you are going to see first-hand how all this “new media” stuff is killing off the old-guard music business.

You see, there is a huge war on between the old and the Avant-new. Our slowly developing project and building multitrack facilities in L.A. does allow for something approaching expert analysis in this area…

Since you may not own a small home/commercial studio, you may not be following the trends in the music biz.  They are…to put it mildly…horrific.  We’ve got some Nielsen data to back that up.

The problem?  It’s a huge challenge to Central Control…which is one more reason the Internet will end up being regulated in some form, because it is killing the way things used to be…as we’ll get into after coffee and headlines and the Trading Model…which has continued to outperform even the best of the TV pundits.  Amazing….

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