2015: Crash, Blow-Off, or Breakthrough?

Annual Forecast Issue:  Full-on Depression?  Runaway inflation?  Or will a breakthrough in a field like anti-gravity from all of that money being poured into CERN energize the world and will lead us to a group realization that much of what we’re doing (and doing to one-another) is just plain wrong and stupid?

We’re coming to an interesting junction as we peer into the future a few short weeks into 2015.  Rally or die week ahead for markets, too.

For as long as I’ve been writing about finance (30-years), planning a reasonable course in 2015 is probably the most difficult year on record.  The numbers about Fed money creation, the Federal Debt to the Penny – and where we are in the sunspot cycle do not lie, though,

But how much do we understand of that which we think we know?

Time for coffee and a few headlines about underlying assumptions, the Trading Model, and then a nervous look into some very odd trends.  Of the sort that can flip the world upside down in 2015.

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