The Quiet World-Changer: Computational Statecraft

A couple of really neat ideas – concepts at this stage – to kick around.  But they may be very useful thought tools in the future.  And they lead us to an evolving area of research that will likely lead the world in some unexpected directions, or the sort falling out of headlines even today.  It’s the hidden dynamic of corporate computational feudalism. 

This “world-changer” came to light from studying the problem of “making money” and how almost everyone on the planet has been harnessed, one way or the other, into a global financial system.  Sure, that’s obvious.  But this morning we have a couple of ideas to kick around that go to the very core of just what that means.  After a few calisthenics of the headline sort to get us rolling…

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Financial Prepping, 3-Hour Finale

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been working around to some of the deep, dark secrets of how the economy really works.  The stuff that doesn’t make it into the 5-o’clock news shows.  The one that explains how, rather simply, the Fed can print money like a house afire, and still not have inflation running through the roof.   All fine theory, of course.  But what’s the point, right?

This morning you’re going to learn to think in an unconventional way about what I call “The America Platform.”  Just like major software management tools, we can look at our own future, and that of “The America Platform,” with the same mindset as a software implementation team on a BPR project (business process re-engineering).  In this sense, “financial prepping” is a series of “use cases” in software design.  Or, you could considers it a personal financial stress test.

After some coffee, we’ll wrap it all up and make soup of it.  Included is a PowerPoint that you can share with your spouse and family members, too, if you’re so inclined.

If all goes well, you’ll nail the future, instead of t’other way around; the way your you get “nailed.”   After coffee and headlines, as is our custom. 

Reader Note: If you don’t have PowerPoint for this morning’s slide show (and worksheets) you can download OpenOffice free and use the compatible presentation tool there.

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A Course in "Financial Prepping" (Pt. 1)

How much financial prepping you can do is obviously limited, especially if you’re a “small fry” and you’ve been used to moving money around seeking a good rate of return.  But a funny thing happens in this morning’s report.  We dig far enough into the financial underpinnings of the economy to discover why gold and silver have not yet taken off to the upside…something that all by itself would be worth this morning’s column.  After coffee and crumpets, ‘natch.

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Is the World Ending July 1st?

A number of readers – and even our visiting house guest – asked this week about whether there would really be a “…collapse of the US Dollar on July 1st?

In a word, “NO!  Not likely.”  But we’ll explain this as a “matter of FACTA”  in due course.

But the fact that people even have questions about such an eventuality gets us into a “teaching mood” and so a number of quick “lessons from the newsroom” on how to sort out fear-mongering from reality are in order.  Maybe a simple set of rules so the next time you have a question like “Is the dollar collapsing in 2-months?” you’ll be able to answer it without help.

While I put on my best James Spader impression (spoofing the series The Blacklist”) and come up with a snappy quote, we’ll nosh and bean as we prick a few headlines, or was that headline a few….  Then onto the morning digital Danish:  Nine rules to avoid being an idiot.

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