Grist for the Inquiring Mind: Timewaves Post 2012

Every so often I accumulate ideas, clusters of this-and-that’s which don’t fit neatly under a single heading.  Timewave Zero’s follow-ons post 2012 fit this mold. So rather than spend (waste?) a lot of time coming up with a logical framework for “hanging it all together” I thought instead this morning I’d share what amount to a series of “Post-Its” for folks like us who are trying to make a buck, minimize our tax consequences, and then hide it from the ravages of inflation and deflation.  Oh, and along the way make a few more bucks.  So today we look at “novelty,” “change,” and “release periods.”  After headlines and coffee, of course.

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Strategic Living Deal Points – The Wait for War

This morning a few “notes in the journal” about how life (finance/tech/rural) is changing and how our strategies may change as well as aging shows up and world conditions are anything but stable.  Think of this morning’s notes a waypoints along the path. 

Worthwhile thinking points with the world at the edge of global war. The attack on Net Neutrality, in this context, is my long-predicted replay of the government seizure of the radio waves via the Communications Act of 1934 come to life.  You might remember, my friend Gaye at and I wrote a short book titled “11-Steps to a Strategic Life” which is available on Amazon.  But times are changing so we’ve begun thinking about an update because stability in life is starting to hit the fan. 

Changes in conditions are likely to change the definition of “the good life” in large and chaotic ways.  Some notes on where that leads makes sense. After we get some coffee, of course.

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What Ever Happened to “Peak Oil?”

10-years to dark is about it.  Maybe less.  By my reckoning, depending on the resource wars.  Your not hearing about it because some greedy bastards are planning to bend you over, but good on the way to the reality of Peak Oil.  Peak Oil is real, so if you’re patient, what is going on with the stock market is just marking time until really bad impacts of a modest economic recovery show up.  Then energy prices are set to double thanks to some energy traitors in Kansas and the cost of money.  What comes with higher interest rates, a growing appetite for oil, and oh yes – the Ben Dover part: a freeze up in how many new rigs are going out to work oil.  There goes production and shortly after, the Dollar. So as we make up for a slacker time last week prior to Easter, this is a bit of crucial forward thinking to get right.  We’ll sink and swim in the stuff after a helping of overnight headlines and a check of our Trading Model.

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Is Putin Threatening OPEC?

Own energy, own the future:  I was sitting around Friday, trying to noodle out what is likely to happen in Ukraine next week and how that would play through in global markets when a novel thought slapped me awake.  I do some of my best thinking in semi-snooze mode, you see.  Sure enough, when I looked back on a Peoplenomics report from 2001, the pieces began to click into place…how it all fits together:  Putin’s buddy-buddy talk down in the Bush ranch late 2001, stories about New World Order… and bingo!  We may have a larger game and Donetsk in play.  We’ll run some numbers and you’ll see what I mean, perhaps, but not without some good strong coffee and a few headlines to shake us awake, first…

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