How Transparent Economics Would Really Work

(Elko. NV)   Thursday morning’s UrbanSurvival report (*available here) rather cynically lambasted the whole US government reporting system for p[resenting the public with mindless statistical gobbledygook which is almost impossible to sort out in any kind of meaningful way.  So I thought it would be instructive this morning to look at how we could rewrite economic reports so that the general public could get something useful out of them.  However, before we go into this, we begin with our trudge through the headlines to see if the world survived another night.  Which it would have to (logically) in order to be posing rhetorical questions like this, but we’ll do it anyway while the coffee kicks in.

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Chicago: The "Soft Entrance" of Martial Law?

(Grants Pass, OR)  We continue our adventuring around the country this morning with a trip over to the east Bay area and a day of consulting tomorrow.  But, on our way, we’ve had plenty of time to see some interesting things in America, including having the luxury of watching the follow-on to the Chicago shootings debate this week and a shocking move on the part of the Secretary of State.  But, as usual, before we get into those items, a discussion first about how a few other headlines are rolling…

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The Odds Change on "Climatecide"

Out here on the road, as we’ve been traveling about for the past week, it’s become apparent that something is going on with climate, but what – exactly – is not clear.  In part of Texas, the drought continued until Friday, and for sure driving by Chaco Canyon’s ruins is something of a wake-up call.  But there were smatterings about in the headlines this week that prompt us to wonder “What if Al Gore, et al, get this completely back-asswards and the climate flips into global cooling rather than global warming?”  Hot or cold on climate, though, we start as every morning with hot coffee and a cool eye on some emotionally hot headlines…and we have tons of those including another “on schedule” shooting…

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The “Method School” of Economics

What’s my motivation?” is an odd cliché for a site ostensibly about long wave economics to be inquiring about.  But this morning we’ll take a quick look at something that has been rattling around in the back of my mind since about the second day of our latest adventuring around the country.   First, though, some headlines to help kick the brain cells into functioning – helped along by a generous shot of coffee as we await sunrise (or is that cloud rise?) on Puget Sound.

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