10-Years Ahead

Where is “Beyond Prepping” these days?  What will the world look like in 10-years?  Will there be some “hot new thing?”  And – with all that, how do we advise our children on investing, saving, and what will that world be like?

No simple answers here.  Not with interest rate roulette coming up this afternoon with the Fed rate decision.  On top of overnight news developments on the emergent change in “world structure” as the good guys and the bad guys try to figure out who’s who.

Today some thoughts on schooling the young on how to “Get their piece of the pie” when (pushed by Covid or otherwise) the seniors speed up their die off.

Which we will get to just after the charts and a few headlines to get the noggin sloggin without foggin.  This is options week, and a bear trap has been sprung!

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