The Coming Global Bail-Ins

Yep.  Not before the elections, though.   Just waiting for Obama II (Hillary) to make it into office and then all signs point to a meltdown in early 2w016 because the Fed won’t have any choice but to raise rates – which will blow up the national debt,  or they will stand par and the world will collapse into Depression II that way.

In either event, we’re screwed.  Sure, paid up real estate that can grow food is the real answer…one we’ve been walking the talk on for a long time.  But wow…here it comes.

So this morning we go into why gold and silver will go down first…long before sound money becomes vogue and we look at some of the ways the bail-in processes could work.

Oh…and there are no effective hiding places for the middle class.  Check with Soviet era pensioners if you doubt me.

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Monetizing Your Butt

Nope, we’re not going for the all-time crudeness award here.

What we are doing is putting a new phenomena under the microscope to prove 8-billion people loose in the world don’t have anything else to do other than make-up new and exciting ways to take money from you.

This is the stuff big government and,  oh yeah, major changes in bathroom use – and not of the silly gender-ending type – are made of.

We seek lessons in the darnedest places, seems like.

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A Presidential Election Lesson

I’ve been hard at the charts this week and what I have to share this morning is enough to cause any sane person to consider dropping out of the presidential contest.  2017 mas “major ugly” potential.

You see:  Whoever “wins” may be looking down the barrel of a 25-30% market decline (or worse) in 2017.  It may drift above, or below that, based on how well Europe holds together (if it does at all) and how much redirection China makes to sub out consumer goods for military prepping for an eventual showdown over the South China Sea..  Not until 2022-2025, though.

Yes, we may get a “nominal” winner in November, but maybe this “win” won’t be such a bright and sparklyfirst year as we recall how 2001 and 2009 turned out…and see where we are right now.

Coffee first, however.  No point going on with a sleepy brain when taking on great matters of State and Wallet.

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Captain Midnight’s Advice for Preppers

The short version is simple:  You are wise to prep.

The problem is, however, that many people will not see how they could be prepping for the wrong thing.

And therein lies this morning’s in-depth exposition on Global Warming and – in case you hadn’t figured it – the kind that isn’t easily monetized by former vice presidents.

After headlines and a refill on the coffee, of course.

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When We Peak; When We Crash

How to Use a Financial Crystal Ball 101,

Yes, we can take of “edjumacated” guesses at when the market will peak – but as we do, remember these targets were are going to lay out today are only guidelines and they are subject to change in the event that there are major changes in expectations that support long-term investment.

So after a few headlines this morning – we will delve into what the future looks like and include some prospects that 2017 may not be so bad, either.  (Sorry to upset the charlatans, again, but there is evolving data and we need to keep an eye on it.)

More bean juice?  Good to go, then…

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Further Researches on Dream-States and Finance

(Albuquerque, NM)  — Yes, dream-tuning and the “shaman’s lake” have everything to do with investing.  Rather than toss pearls non-subscribers come Monday, we lay out some interesting technology experiments that are on the docket when we get home.

And those involve?  Dream-tuning.  for fun, prophet,, and profit.  A world of odd resonances and Room 108 will be explained.

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Some Mighty Serious Defense Questions

Suppose this morning that Ures truly was appointed Secretary of Defense.  How would we size up the strategic state of America?

Particularly since there is some non-zero possibility of an October Surprise which would vault a certain candidate into the WH for “solving” a problem like the South China Seas.

Think it couldn’t happen?  Well, sure it could.  but there are worse scenarios about what’s ahead, too – so we will work on some of these this morning.    After a trip to the coffee pot and a few headlines and nearly a dozen charts on making a buck or three, while we’re at it.

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Word from the Future

This morning’s report is interesting if you are working up a view of things to come – so that you may prep, plan, prepare, call a priest, or whatever moves you.

Not only does a recent Federal Reserve working paper look at using the language in news to forecast the future, but we have some oddities to discuss from the Nostracodeus project and odd haps at the site, as well.

After news nips, our charts, and maybe a warm-up of the bean.

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Fed Roulette: An Economic Overview

OK kiddies, gather around the roulette wheel as we spin up this morning on the Fed Meeting which is going on today and we’re due for a rate decision this afternoon.

The market – which usually bashed the Fed soundly with a worrisome decline before each decision – has been in demo-mortis – death by convention.

As a result, it would be a fine time of high distraction for the Fed to wield an unconventional move on us…but first the charts..

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Primarily Charts–And the Keys to the Bank

(Tacoma, WA) —  With the markets obediently following my calls (surprising even me, mind you) we will have a nice, short, to the point discussion of the charts this morning and we can kick around what I’m doing in the way of a position once we get through the second half of the political silly season…

This is what passes for “vacation” for me – which means anything un der 590 hours a week on sorting out markets and crap.  My head is still reeling a bit from that new wave we discussed in the Wednesday report and the implications of that…

In short, I reveal the use of the brainamp.xls spreadsheet and how we use it to predict this coming week should be a down one for the market.

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Kondratiev Got It Wrong?

(Baker City, OR) — Boy, am I ever fun to go on “vacation with” or what?

Honey, just one beer…but I have to get back to the room and works on charts because I’ve been working on this new theory about long wave economics while we’ve been watching the scenery go by…

Yep…that while explaining regression channels without paper as we trade-off driving chores.

Still, that’s dedication (or stupidity…) for you.  And the payoff has been two great insights:  One for subscribers and one in tomorrow’s UrbanSurvival :”Coping” section. 

I’ll leave it to you to discern whether this is good news – or bad – as we get into long wave cycle length discussions this morning…

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Our Annual Economic Pilgrimage

At oh-dark thirty this morning, wife Elaine and I took off – by car this time – to head out on a 5400 mile tour of the American mid, west, and southwest. 

This morning after a few headlines and charts, a preview of why we go and what we find…  This is less a “vacation” than a “date gathering mission.

I think you’ll find it interesting… a few headlines this morning as we head out – but most important are those chats…

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How I’ve Predicted this Blow-Off Rally Since January

To know the future is to profit.  Axiomatically, those who don’t profit, don’t know the future.

I love long wave economics.  It has taught me the fine art of patience – and being a kind of ADHD person, that’s a very good thing, indeed.

This week, we begin our “stealing money from the Man” episode with a critical look at how the current period lines up with the previous Depression.

And armed with that knowledge, we can propose the two key date ranges in 2017 which our next pre-Depression all-time highs will be in.

It’s something to think about – going into what’s looking more and more like the second week of January. 

Of 1929.

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