The Computational Bolsheviks

(Reno, NV)  Peoplenomics reports are always a joy to write – and unlike the UrbanSurvival columns, they have a serious-as-a-heart-attack angle to them because it’s where we get to nail down key aspects of the future and work out strategies for dealing with it.  This morning we put down four “corner posts”  that define our future.

This morning we offers two key insights:  One is a further discussion of Peak Oil, which as I’ve hinted in previous columns, and what’s really going on when you lift the covers of Ukraine, Syria, ISIS, Africa, and many other “hot spots” around the world.  If you remember our “thinking-framework” of the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars, there’s much to be relearned and  applied to this moment.

Beyond that, we assess the new revolution by the programmers from the 99% who are in the process of overturning the One Percent in a gloriously subtle way…and a way that will lead us in future weeks to redefine some investment criteria for stock screens and other investment vehicles.  Oh – and my buddy Rick Ackerman (of ) lays out where gold could be going.  (If you’re not a subscriber, it’s similar to Robin Landry’s worst case, which is none too reassuring.  When smart guys with differing background begin to line up…)

So sit back, load the bean, and we’ll launch into “What It All Means...” written (somewhat appropriately) in our overnight suite upstairs from a Reno casino; where unlike markets or Washington pronouncements, we can at least see honest odds being posted.

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Horsemen and Kindling Effects

(Gig Harbor, WA)  Say, not to be sounding like one of those doom-porn types, but some very serious thoughts this morning on how recent history and current events are shaping up need to be covered.

This won’t be a particularly long report.  Just important.

So we dispense with some of our usual flowery language and weak puns to get right to the heart of things after headlines and our Trading Model with charts…  Leading off with Fed Spotting (rate announcement due today) and Consumer Prices…

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A Course in Relative Values

(Gig Harbor, WA)  One of the biggest “prepping problems” is what threat to prep for.  While there are no hard and fast rules, there is something to be learned from a study of relative values.  With this in mind, a long ramble this morning into the mindset that works.

We also look at the spread of Ebola and what that might do…a major killing time, but slow arriving and thus, plenty of time to prep for what could be “national days in” that could be coming worldwide if the worst fears of epidemiologists materialize.

All of which requires plenty of coffee and is best taken on the deck with the sun of late summer to ward of the chills of what’s to come.  Markets are often driven by internals, but every so often exogenous events come along that “blow over” the status quo.  The period from this fall to next summer may be a period when externalities may again remind us that while Quants can rule the milliseconds, Ma Nature rules the days…

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Prepping for Retirement

(Gig Harbor, WA)  This morning we peel back the covers on one of our “secret missions” up here in the Northwest:  We’re trying to sort out whether to move back to this region to be closer to the kids, or just stay put in Texas and send the kids holiday airplane tickets. 

The Obama administration is driving some of this as they sit in waiting until after the elections with their potential November surprise on illegal immigration.  Transparent?  Forthright?  Yeah, right.  Just campaign BS sold to the sheep.  Save the heavy stuff till it’s too late to change your mind.  More practically? We eye the 357-mile distant border with Mexico with increasing suspicion because yes, we do Remember the Alamo and we do read terrorism alerts.

Given the complexity of modern life and the investment we have made in prepping it would be difficult if not impossible to duplicate what we have in the Texas Outback.  But now we’re putting numbers to it as we set about to size up terrorist rings, heart strings and purse strings in this morning’s discussion.  How to scale bug-in versus bug-out.

After coffee and headlines…and how about an Apple?

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A New Approach to Strategic Investments

(Gig Harbor, WA) My note (Coping: Paint-balling the Internet) Friday reminded me that as smart as we like to think we are, when it comes to sizing up new technologies, we’re actually not that smart.  As evidence, I’d pointed to the numerous companies that various researchers have proposed will be the modern analogs to Radio Corporation of America during it’s 1919 inception through the end of World War II.

As discussed Friday, looking at the analogy between that new communications medium Radio in the 1920’s and our more recent familiarization with the full-spectrum of networked communications (e.g. text, hypertext, texting and Big Data) we don’t seem to really have a firm grip on how to best assess and invest in the emerging Big Data world.

Prompted by a trip to a local Indian casino, a recent heavy math paper, and a recurring quest common among long wave researchers, we’ll tackle new ways to make the highest returns in coming years.

After coffee, headlines, and an update on our still-optimistic Trading Model, as always.

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A Few Comments on Stiglitz

If you didn’t see it, Bill Moyers’ recent encore interview with Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz is genuinely worthy of close study because it gets to the core questions which we discuss here.   “How Tax Reform can Save the Middle Class.”

But can it?  Specifically, are we ignoring some of the hard realities of economics because of deep-seated socioeconomic delusions?  Has a critical tipping-point been passed?

Of course he doesn’t get that direct, but his remarks certainly guide our thinking in that direction.  We’ll consider some of what Stiglitz says (good) but point out the major shortcoming (bad).  After coffee and headlines.  No flash goggles required.  And that get’s us to our lead item impacting markets; again flawlessly predicted by our Trading Model.

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Economic Implications of Electronic Families

Oh, boy!  Another one of those “bridge-the-generations” insights this morning that ought to make us all (subscribers, anyway) better investors and thus richer.

The insight came in the form of an email from a friend – who was upset that I covered the “team approach to job search” in Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report.  A kind of roadmap.

But my long-time colleague said no!  People of the Now need to stop texting and get out and hit the bricks to find a job – just as we all have..back in the day.

It was in the process of thinking through my defense/explanation that a critical insight hit me like a ton of bricks…and it is now coloring the way I look at ALL forms of lifestyle - and more critically INVESTMENTS. 

This morning we answer a question that is hidden from the Second Wavers (second wave of technology) yet it’s an un-stated fact among the Third Wavers.  We can now articulate a psychological gulf that drives investing, lifestyles, and a lot more.

After coffee, headlines, and charts, of course.  Don’t want to do too much thinking, too early in the day (especially on a Holiday Weekend) without proper reinforcements.

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A Team Approach to Job-Hunting

(Gig Harbor, WA)  Being in the Pacific Northwest to work but also spend time with our kids, one of the hard realities we’ve come across is that young people today often have no time to aggressively pursue new and improved job opportunities.

In response to this – because our kids aren’t the only ones in this “box” – we lay out how we’re working the problem and, along the way, you’ll probably learn a lot about the job-hunting process and learn to see it with “new eyes.”

More important to me?  I get to haul out one of the most useful management stories I’ve ever learned.  This one is right up there with “Everything is a process” and “Everything is a business model.”

First, though,  a review of what Peoplenomics is about:  How to make (and keep) more money and that slides us into this morning’s headlines…

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The Next BIG Thing: Authorpreneurs?

(Gig Harbor, WA)  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Subscriber Don, who’s a C-level guy in a securities outfit who I was bantering with about how Janet Yellen wasn’t going to mention the words automation, 3D printing, or robotics in her discussion of the labor market at the Fed Retreat at Jackson Hole this week.  (As usual, I was right  – she didn’t!)

Me being an ERP/BPR jock, this is a huge deal (robotics is coming to own everything) and so I made some flip remark to Don and he replied to the effect that “Yeah, I have4 a gig until the machines come for my management job…”

This morning I reveal how this “Next BIG thing” is driving my home recording studio project – and by the time you get done with this nice compact explanation, you will understand two critical concepts that aren’t in the textbooks yet.  One is just showing up – long-chain business models.  But the other – authorpreneurship ain’t even on most people’s radar, yet.  Which is why in Peoplenomics, we’re going to get their first and therefore profit most.  Which is what we try to do around here.

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Revisiting the “Deathidemic”

(Gig Harbor, WA)  A couple of Julys ago, a friend of ours lost a son to suicide – a problem which continues to grow in the world.  So at this time of year we reflect on what kind of world we’ve made that drives people to end life prematurely.  A look at headlines is only part of it, but an important part, I expect.

But here lately, with the problems of Ebola, the stress of Ferguson, and more, we begin to wonder if increasing socioeconomic pressures globally might be ramping up (generalizing, if you will) the human death rate.  Against this backdrop, might the methods and techniques of medicine be used to study socioeconomic issues in a new way by using patterns of analysis similar to those employed in epidemiology?

There’s animal research, human psychological research, and the evidence right before us with things like road rage and the like.

The most intriguing question, though, as we survey the deathidemic is this:  Is more money a cure, or is it the vector of disease transmission?  And when we get that one figured out, maybe we can work up a “treatment program” for humans.  Well, at least, it’s a noble thought.

More practically, this morning we look at recent news as a disease and we look at how (like the flu) ideas get passed around and how the media “treats” outbreaks of socioeconomic disease.

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Self-Sufficiency: What Money Drives us to…

A special thank you gift this morning for Peoplenomics subscribers as I’m on the road for the rest of the weekend and not able to generate a lot of original research while driving…

So thanks to co-author (and great human), JB Slear of, we present a free download of our MyGroPonics 3 book which you’ll maybe want to print out and have in your “Keeper” file of reports.  Along with JB’s phone number for when you get the itch to try some commodity option trading.  Great guy and his Trader’s Blog offers an alternative view on many topics including the trading ranges of the precious metals.

Then we have a few comments on cross country travel, occasioned by another 8-hours on the road.  But the real sanity question about how humans are presently organized was brought about by our re-introduction to the fine are of driving rain on the tiniest little freeway ever, I-25 from the E-740 expressway…and that gets us to another tale of turning a public highway into a toll road…because government can’t live within its own means.  But stick around till the blood pressure comes down from how highway taxery works in the Mile High world.

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So: Ure on Vacation, huh?

Yes….and no.  And not quite.

We will still cut through a couple of news items, and we’ll update our trusty (so far) Trading Model, but then we drift out of our super-serious economics to ponder what it’s like getting ready to actually live in a different city for an extended period of time.

Once upon a time I knew what to pack:  Two suits and a credit card or three…good to go for however long.

But today I’m stumped:  Do I go like EMP could arrive unexpectedly?  Is Ebola going to get loose?  How do we get back to the ranch in a total breakdown of the economy?  Like famine or drought are here to stay?

Thursday morning we’ll push back about 7 AM, leaving Panama armed to the teeth (the cats are lousy shots) to fend for the place as we head out on another one of our “Half Around America” tours.  Today we’ll discuss the important stuff like  “The Ure’s Casino Highway...” and a comparison of direct booking versus the “convenience” of doing everything online…betcha can’t guess how that worked out…

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Inflation Data: How ”Real” are Government Figures?

This morning – thanks to a reader accidentally finding some old personal budget information from 1989 – we have the opportunity to do a little “double-checking” of how inflation has worked out (in the REAL world, as opposed to the “hypothecated, seasonally-adjusted” world of bureaucrats.

So how close did they get it?  You’ll enjoy our research…

After we get  coffee…no point in trying to force the brain into action too quickly; it is summer after all…

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