How to Slaughter the Bond Bulls

While the Fed announcement today is not likely to see an increase in rates (fall is more probable) there is still a very interesting bit of learning to be had by graphing out the ultra long-term Velocity of Money.

Not surprisingly, the Velocity now is wose than it has been at any time in the last 115 years.

That is a terrible structural problem for the Fed to deal with – and in this morning’s analysis we’ll explain why and how it will impact you personally.

First, however, the usual:  A few news tidbits and other goodies like our Trading Model.  Plus many cups of coffee…

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Quest for “The Signal”

Forget about UFOs, ETs, life on other planets, or putting a few bucks a month into a SETI fund.

Not that these aren’t fine ways to spend money, after you have saved for retirement, paid off your car, student loans, and don’t owe anyone a dime ands have burned the mortgage… I mean they’re nice and all.  But where’s your priority?

Here lately I’m on on a question for something I call THE SIGNAL.

You know – the one that will tell you with adequate lead-time when to make this trade, or that, and which will result in becoming so fabulously wealthy that you will be able to buy a UFO, ET, or a whole large array for SETI to use.

This weekend, some design and theory notes on how to go signal sniffing for the one signal that could really make a difference in your life.

After we take cared of a few headline items and after we stare into the Trading Model to see where things are going in the short-term.

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Designing a Perfect Retirement Home

Oh, sure, you’re thinking “One of those places where old people go to die?


I’m  talking about the average American couple who has looked after their health a bit, has a paid-for home, and wants to live out life there for as long as possible.

What will in take to make a home “work” well into the 80’s and (with any luck) beyond?

This week, we do a bit of planning in that direction, while we update the Trading Model and look at a few headlines along the way.

In keeping with the Peoplenomics outlook, we are not heavily into spending money, so much as we try t buy the right things that will give us a leg up on life.

Do that well and you’re way ahead of the pack…

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“Where Are the Good Guys?”

Time to think about doing away with insurance companies, I’m afraid.

Any time we have government telling us we MUST buy something, under penalty, whose bright idea was it to keep the middle-men involved to scam fat profits from the public which is REQUIRED to buy something?

That’s where our bottom line goes this morning, but along the way we will look at everything from Donald Trump’s rubbing shoulders with mobsters to the problem of exploitation of first people in Bolivia.

So yes, time to brace up with a strong cup of Arabica and see how the world really works, again. 

And in this morning’s ChartPack, how our Aggregate Index screams there is a huge rally possible, but only a short-term bounce for the rest of the world’s markets.

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“How Can You Afford It???”

The Secret of Happy Retirement is what?

Reduce your operating costs in advance of retiring.

A number of readers have written in (a few trolls, I suppose, too) and have whined about my recent travel discussion, pictures, and so forth.  Sorry, that’s not flaunting – that’s sharing.

While it’s true that we do get out and play a lot, there and months on end when we are living simply and saving money like crazy.  So this morning a discussion about how to live well and below your lifestyle in  order to maximize your FQ – your Fun Quotient.

First, though, we stare into the markets and try  to see what is driving our Peoplenomics Trading Model and where things could go next…  And as you might expect, a rather eye-opening report on our hypothetical Directorate 153 and the sordid background of the Iran deal.

The background that no one talks about…

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Hacktopolypse: The Processors Per Person Problem

This has been one hell of a week on the Internet. 

Today we have a couple of personal action steps you might want to consider to increase your personal resistance to being hacked.

Not only have we suffered a massive melt of computer trading that led to trading halts at mid-week, but we had the head of the Office of Policy Management step down as 21-million current and former federal workers had their personal information hacked.

As it’s not just in the government sector:  UrbanSurvival’s server farm was hit with a massive DDOS attack on Friday, as well.  Peoplenomics was down only briefly.

So what’s ahead?

This morning we sample the data, look at potential impacts, and wonder about the Processors Per Person Problem. 

After charts, a few headlines, and a look at our Trading Model which seems to be saying the current turbulence in life is not over, yet…

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Part of the Replay: How Digital Diaspora Mimics the 1920’s

(Tacoma, WA)  As we head out this morning (wheels up around 5:30 AM with any luck) we have gotten what we came for:  A key insight into what’s going on in the world.

As insights go, this one is pretty good:  The nutshell idea is that digital communications are having the same effects on the economy of the World that factory automation had on the United States in the run-up to the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

So yes, we will have the world’s first global depression.  And this is progress?  Well, yes, and no.  And that’s what we will address this morning.

First, however, we will check the cereal drama (sic) of the day’s news and look at our Trading Model, which – as is customary – has continued to perform better than 90% of stock analysts and pundits.  Pretty impressive, really.

So sit down, buckle in, and grab some prayer beads….this is gonna be a scary ride into your economic future.

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The Case Against the Cashless Society

(Tacoma, WA) This morning we’re reeling from credit card fraud out here in the PNW.

So we take another look at credit cards and the dark side that none of the advocates of the cashless society seem to be able to resolve.

But first a look at the Trading Model which is telling us….well, we’ll get to that.  After a couple of headlines and comments, and coffee, of course.

Oh, and something odd is happening in the Washington state marijuana industry…

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A Response to Deagel

(Tacoma, WA)  This morning we take on one of the more interesting sites on the web –  site which is has military/strategic planning roots and which has a very scary forecast of what could happen to the US population in the next 10-years.

Along the way, we will bump into a whole crop of conspiracy theories and we’ll kick the tires on things like the supposed pending announcement of a Planet-X/Niburu disclosure for this fall.

But alas!  As always, by sticking doggedly with the data, we arrive at a truth

Not one we were in a hurry to get to, but one to be included on our Threat Board, nevertheless.

As usual, however, we will save the grim stuff until after we gnaw on the market results from Tuesday trading and look ahead a bit into what today will bring.  Besides long lines at stores and gas stations as people prepare to party over the long holiday weekend for the 4th.

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Our Future: Wahalaylias and Mind Maps

(Tacoma, WA)  A longer than usual report this weekend (don’t expect more than a brief update Wednesday) but more complete than most in that today we will not only embellish on our rather dismal outlook for the coming 10 year period, but we shall also share a few thinking tools and how we use them for analyzing complex situations.

And then we will get into the weird stuff – which after we work through a number of levels of analysis won’t seem all that weird, at all.

And that’s where we will discuss the Wahalaylia – a new kind of percussion device – that arrived as a dream while consorting with future spirits in a post EMP, post-DNA war world.

All over the board?  D’uh.  But somewhere along the continuum of complete hard science and the skill of the quants, all the way over to the shamans at the other margin whose hardest defined point is the human heart, is the place that will describe future.

Our task this morning is to identify that place.  And we’ll begin with a cocktail napkin concept mapping exercise, right after we wade through the headlines. 

Oh, and I tell you that at least one real honest-to-God investment strategist thinks our Trading Model has been pretty damn useful.

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Mapping the Next 10-Years

(Tacoma, WA)  After spending much of the past five days in a slightly depressurized space, with not much to do but spot the odd airplane here and there, and remembering to breath deeply at 8,500 feet, things just sort of started falling into place.  The future.

So this morning some reflections of a possible future – and one that has at least some circumstantial support.

But, before we get into this, we’ll have our usual dose of mid-week headlines and an update on our Trading Model, which continues to astound readers with its incredible accuracy predicting the market.

It’s like having tea leaves in 24-point Arial bold…  Next question is whether we like tea…

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Robo-Shock: This Future ISN’T What You Think

Once again, as we sit twiddling our thumbs waiting for the Federal Reserve non-decision on raters today, we venture into the swamp of robotics as we try to see ahead through the haze; cast by a blizzard of press releases and hype.

What we know at the outset is that the Great Depression was largely caused by economic displacements.  Farmers, who raised draft animals, had their livelihoods ripped out from under them by “traction motors” (tractors, we call ’em nowadays).  This – coupled with a huge migration into cities and falling commodity prices due to mass production which was coming into its own, combined to totally trash the global economy.

This time around, we are seeing different kinds of migration (gender, illegals, drought-driven) and we’re seeing a different kind of job-minimization occur driven by business process computing and our friendly robotics.

This morning we vision a bit.  Then this weekend, we will ponder whether we get the deflationary collapse like the USA Great Depression experience, or whether the passage of TPP by Corporations which are all over it like white on rice will demand “reparations” from debt-stuffed civilian governments that will fire off a Weimar-like hyperinflation.

I think of this as the diabetic economy:  Blood sugar too low and you’re dead, blood sugar too high and…  Except instead of the sweetness of sugar, we’re dealing with the vinegary aftertaste of excess debt.

All of which leads to the question:  So now what?

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