BREXIT and Markets: So This UFO Lands…

Not really.

But it sure helps to use a semi-fictional analogy in order to explain markets this week, so that’s exactly what we shall do.  Trust me, it’ll be far more readable than a dissertation paper.

You see, as a thinking tool, we’re big on getting back to the basics because it is often in “the basics” that we find the seeds of future developments that germinate into a full-on deflowering of some of Men’s greatest follies.

Like the European Union Idea, for example.  Been a crappy idea from the get-go, as you’ll see.

This as we continue the exciting (and exiting) adventures of the past week and look forward to the shoals just ahead in 2017.

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Social Contribution-Based Voting

Yep, time to expand the government’s accounting relationship with its citizens.  Only this time, the people making the contributions and writing the checks for the free-loaders deserve a chance to cut a better deal.

We’ll explain.

But first, how the BREXIT vote tomorrow is a non-event except for stock promoters who like to :”talk their book” and why social media is still heading for the rocks, until proven otherwise.

Bean up with a triple shot Americanos, dude, time to rock the cash box…

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How We Live on Social Security (1)

In this morning’s report, we consider the high importance of getting your home paid off before retirement.

But it goes further than that, because as we look at your “silent partner”  (government) we see the move toward “renting your Life” picking up speed…and one of the most subtle ways this works is through never ending increases in property taxes.

So even for non-subscribers, the message is clear:  You not only have to get a home paid off before pulling the golden parachute, but you need to be in a reasonable property tax area, or all your retirement planning can blow up.

Fun, huh?

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Trader’s Notebook: Fed Day

Seems to me there is an even (or better) chance that the Fed decision today could become a major inflection point for the markets.

So we shall dispense with an in-depth article to sit back and try to print a little money after the Fed decision comes out.

Rather than the 90th rehash of politics or the events of last weekend in Orlando, we’re ready to move on…

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Bezos and Bentonville: Barbarians at the Mall

Better not plan your traditional trip to the mall for 2020 Christmas shopping, just yet.

The Mall may not be there.

Global war has broken out in retailing as Amazon and Wal-Mart are taking their “cash registers to the people” and while there may be some economies of scale, the word anti-trust and “mom & pop” keep ringing in my head.

This weekend, a look at the board and how the war is on for your clicks.  Because clicks are a lot cheaper than square footage and parking lots to put in…  This war will not be over next week – these things take time to ripple, but the wave is coming so it’s time to size it up.  If you have a strip mall portfolio, there’s reason to grab the Tums.

First, a few headlines and our charts, which are on the verge of delivering another payday…

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My Wife – the New Investor

We launch into a new series of articles – ideal for first timers who have been denied the opportunity to make money with money before in life.

Getting started in the market isn’t difficult, but when you’re retired and on Social Security…how does that work?

We are about to find out.

After the charts and some yada, yada from overnight

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Five Reasons Millenials Should Play Stocks

Yes, it’s like a casino.

But why my kids are more inclined to buy a lotto ticket, have an M-Life card and visit Las Vegas, when there’s a casino of sorts that opens every trading day with much fanfare and bell-ringing, is beyond me.

Even more to the point, the odds are better at the Wall St. Casino than they are in Vegas, Atlantic City, or the Indian casinos that seems to have popped up everywhere.

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This morning some key reasons to get involved.  You won’t get comp’ed, of course.  But you also don’t have to tip the house and the valet won’t ding your car…

Mainly, It’s the Charts

This may sound like a “dog ate my homework” excuse, but on my latest trip to the eye doc, it was discovered that the eye pressure had dropped to a worrisome 5 – it should have been up around 12-20 at this stage.  As the eye doc explained, it’s sot of like having a flat tire, and with the pressure low, the repaired eye was not doing well.

One thing led to another and turns out (like the flat tire) it had a leak, so emergency eye surgery again on Tuesday.  Because of that, we will only have a few (nevertheless cynical) remarks on the flow of what passes for “news” this morning. 

Oh, don’t sound depressed:  There are certain indications that our call for a pending market decline may be about to play out over the coming week, or two, before we get into what should be the final blow-off top before the Greater Depression sets in in the 2017-2018 timeframe.  That’s when you should have your financial house in order for whatever comes next.

In the meantime, we will be focused on conservative trading and our unique way of looking at markets because if you have a little money in a Depression (Greater, or otherwise) there’s very little to be depressed about, provided you observe the old Cuban saying “Don’t count your money in front of the poor...”

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Eight Years of Obama: Ahead or Behind?

Figures can lie, and liars can figure said Mark Twain. 

Never could such a statement be more true than when looking at the economy.  And this morning we will do just that, since on Friday, the new GDP figures came out. 

It’s not a simple thing to figure, but amazingly, our numbers and some federal stats match up, we must be on the right track somewhere.

Still, by the time you’re done digesting the “down the rabbit hole, up, around, behind, and over the log” to get there, you’ll have a better idea than most as to why the mainstream parties are falling to the “Outsiders Siege.”

What we really have is a set of numbers that document your experience of “Eight years of work and no better life to show for it.”

And for millions, it’s been another year older and deeper  in debt, and we’re not just talking the coal miners.

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Scaling the Summer Rally

This morning we put on our “Look-Aheads” and size up some of the economic data that is beginning to form. 
Will it support some of our notions about a run-up into the presidential election and then a very bad patch starting in 2017?
Yes, it seems so…
But first a few headlines as we run through what will hopefully be our last “partly sighted” view of charts with major eye surgery tomorrow and hopefully a new contact lens today for the one that went missing last night…

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A Note to the Kids: On Growing Rich–Slowly

This morning, we lay out five simple rules for young people (40 and under) which – if followed – will almost guarantee that over time you will rise to the top of net worth individuals.
Oh, sure, it’s popular to be young, full of piss and vinegar and be anti-establishment and all that happy young radical crap.
But at some point in life, you’ll want a new Lexus or that Audi A-8, or that cruise to Europe, or that exciting new…err…fill in your own blanks.
If you’re ready to see through the political demagoguery, getting rich really isn’t that hard, if you start on the project early enough in life.
Rich isn’t bad and it beats being poor six-ways to Sunday.

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