Those Who Forget History…

….are damned to repeat it.

So this morning, we walk into what the librarians of this world used to call “the stacks” as we try to size up some correlative data about the pre-Depression run-up to the all time (until then) Great Depression.

Our quest this morning is two-fold:  First to see what some of the missing data might tell us, and secondly to see how the “humans in denial” phenomena works.

After headlines and coffee, as is our weekend ritual around here.

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A Federal Reserve “Disaster Timer?”

Is it too early to use existing hints in Big Data to tell us when might be an ideal time to have a crash?  Not that a Crash larger than 1929 is something we look forward to, mind you.  But aside from making all that prepping worthwhile, it also will give us a lot of planning time for our few (and regrettably small) trades to try and stay ahead of the Financial Grim Reaper.

So this morning we come up with one way to look at when the world falls apart in a serious way; not that it couldn’t go sooner, but with a planning horizon, things are just a whole lot more comfortable…just like when in early 2008 we developed multiple views of what would happen later that year and into 2009.

First, though, a few headlines and a look at our Trading Model to see where things are as the S&P percolates just under the psychologically important 2,000 level…

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The Biggest Discovery of Our Lifetime?

What would qualify for the term “brain quake?”  That’s a term that could describe what could happen if science (quite by accident) tripped over a discovery that could justify a whole new brand of Life.   Up until now, we’ve been a world full of “converters.”  Not very efficient ones at that; we eat food, convert it to the proteins and sugars we need and blithely assume that’s how all Life works.

Except, it ain’t.

A huge discovery this week has started a real brain quake.  And, as I’ll explain, this one could ripple beyond anyone’s imagination.

First, though, our usual Saturday morning repast:  Coffee, headlines, and say, that Trading Model of ours has kept us coming up green once again…But then we’ll get into e-bacs and the world will then start to look particularly weird….

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The Future for Millenials

A look into the next 10-years for Millenials this morning, along with a visit to my electronics bench were we will turn a sine wave pattern on an oscilloscope into a useful economic teaching too.  But first, we need to go over a few things including the PPI numbers just out this morning and the other floating bits of madness.  With coffee, of course…

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Computational Intelligence and the "Verne Cycle"

As much as I lover spreadsheets, databases, data-mining, and neural networks, one of the biggest problems we keep stumbling toward (as technology continues to run-ahead of gray matter) really comes down to one ugly question:

Assume you have all the computational horsepower on the planet. 

Given this, what would your methodology be to design a profitable trading tool?

Computational investment algorithms aren’t a lightweight topic for a Peoplenomics report (far more complicated that robust home power or bug-out bags for preppers) but they do present…uh….certain challenges that are intriguing.  So this morning’s discourse will will attack the high-level review design problem. 

After coffee, headlines, and our trusty trading model review…

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Bye-Bye Border: Mexification of Estados Unidos:

Seems to me that Washington has declared war on America.  I don’t say this lightly:  As a life-long patriot and believer in a strong, secure, well-defended United States of America I am shocked and appalled by the mind-game being perpetrated on the American public by political leadership that is actively subverting the whole premise of international borders; namely to keep it clear which country is which.  It’s been in the works as Border XXI and it’s being unilaterally implemented by (care to guess who?) right now..

But that discussion is quickly becoming irrelevant because the American people are being mass-media hoodwinked into a very grim “deal with the devil” that will end up bankrupting America at either the economic or moral level, and more (more likely) both.  But before we delve into what the numbers say (and this will be another fact-based discussion, not idle speculation), we’ll have decaf this morning since your blood pressure’s bound to rise when you look at the data.

The longwave economic implications?  Socialism flourishes in this economic season and since we already have our modern analog to the Civilian Conservation Corp in place ( ) why not more government spending to artificially create jobs?  Worked in the last Depression, so why not this one?

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R.I.P. – Business Process Applied to Life After Work

Morning after the Fourth, eh?  Sounded like the Tet Offensive around here…more fireworks and scared wildlife than you can shake a Winchester at. 

This morning we wrap up the $25 a month Retirement Improvement Plan but first we’ll pause for coffee and headlines.

Had a great time with George Noory on CoastToCoastAM last night…but I sense we’re both pretty frustrated with the lack of a national “Dream”  – like going to the Moon was back in 1969.  Have to wonder what the country would be like if it was chasing a happy goal instead of living as a commune of reactionaries…but maybe we’ll tackle that some other time…

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R.I.P. – The $25/Month Retirement Improvement Program (i)

Since we’re in a holiday week, and the market put on a good chunk of our predict Big Rally, and since our Trading Model is still pointing “onward and upward” with this being a holiday week, I decided to pull the covers back on some of my retirement plans.  Whether you’re 20 or 90, there may be some useful information in here that you haven’t thought of previously. Sure, the Grim Reaper comes for all of us, sooner or later, but for self-directed people, there’s a lot we can do to take the “grim” out of it.  If we’re not careful, we might even have the “times of our lives…”  But not until headlines and charts first, of course.

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When Hyperinflation Comes a-Knocking

With some key Fed comments this week, and the new-backward clocks of Bolivia, we consider a new way to perhaps make some serious coin over the next could of years.  And in headlines this morning, a number of our unconventional worldviews are being validated by crossing headlines.  It’s an easy read this morning because a lot of what was once-upon-a-time highly speculative outlooks around here seem to be materializing out of the fog pretty much as expected.  Not that’s it’s good, but it is what it is…

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Datamocracy: Can the Internet Replace Government?

We’re going to ponder upgrading America to Internet-based democracy this morning.

In a 1979 paper, a very forward-thinking researcher described the problem of “datamocracy” and proposed “Strategies against computer abuses and in information tyranny.”  Unfortunately, that horse if out of the barn now…so it’s time we look at some of the options ahead.

After suggesting innumerable times that Congress adjourn after immediately installing a secure online “Congressional Session” software package, and seeing that nothing is coming for such forward thinking….well, about here we get into some really revolutionary stuff.

First, though, headlines and coffee, but then back into the hard questions:  What exactly is it about government that can’t be translated into an online service, any more than any other information entity can’t be translated into big SQL database which we call “online banking” and such?  I don’t suppose you’ll need too much help understanding some of the concept in this morning’s report (birthing the electrofascist state is self-explanatory).  The problem is “What do we do about it?”

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Relative Value of PM’s, Holistic Backup Energy Systems

Two important topics to go over this morning.  One is an interesting view of gold and silver plus a couple of major stock market indices.  We find tremendous changes (and some possible opportunities) have arisen in the past three years.  And, because there is continuing subscriber interest on home energy systems (prepping and rural pioneering), we go review the relative price/performance of some major energy sources.  But the best one of all:  Holistically trying to design a lifestyle and home setting that minimizes power needs. If you’re debating solar or wind power, this is your discussion.  So bring on the coffee and reading glasses…

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Driverless Cars: An Opportunity Matrix

Happy Fedsday!  While we wait for the rate decision this afternoon, let’s talk nu-tech and where it leads:

We all know driverless vehicles are coming.  It’s just a matter of how fast they arrive and how many of the currently-employed driver-jobholders will be axed as a result.  What to do?  In this morning’s report, we do one of our “look-ahead” views to ascertain where there may be opportunity to people who plan to have jobs in the future.  We won’t resort to the analogy:  How would you have liked to have been the first owner of a paving company back when the very earliest of Ford products was being introduced?  Why, the earthmoving equipment alone could have made you a millionaire many times over with the Interstate Highway system.

As much as this level of  “change” may be distasteful, there’s a very pertinent old saying that means something when comes to driverless cars:  A problem is an opportunity – with its clothes on! 

After we roll out “Mapping of the New [global] Caliphate, we might even get around to asking what happens to NASCAR when Google enters a completely optimized car that goes around the track with a passenger only, but with hands on a steering wheel?  This and more mind-candy as the caffeine kicks in…

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An Ultra-Long Range Market View

With our recent views on immigration and what’s happening in the Middle East, we have gotten right up to the boundary where the rubber meets the road, or more correctly, where economic forces meet the headlines.  As part of our work around here, I recently began to wonder if the current market run-up might somehow look like another 1920′s period; perhaps 1927, or so.  This morning a couple of graphs to ponder as we ask with more precision whether the analog might be to May7th of 1926?  And, if it is, what could lie ahead for the market?  After headlines including the fast-moving events surrounding Baghdad…and that “deal with al Qaeda” that seems to be in play.

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