Trouble: As in Turkey

image(Amarillo, TX)  Still trying to get back to our ranch-stead in what we call the East Texas Outback, at least eight-hours of driving lies ahead with both of us suffering from the misery of a cold/flu that has dogged us since Las Vegas.

On the way, we have been going back and forth as we travel about what the best personal financial strategies are for the period from now to 10-years out.

And it all comes down to turkey.

Not as the place to shoot-down a Russian jet, but of the sort that symbolizes the Holiday tomorrow.

And, as you’re about to read:  That turkey – the one of Thanksgiving – is in trouble at multiple levels.  And not only for this year…but for years to come.

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Traveler’s Prepping School

Yes, the column was late this morning, but for reasons that you’ll understand in a minute. And it all revolves around what I call traveler’s prepping issues.

After a few headlines, we’ll go through some of the shortcomings in our own travel preps and offer a checklist of items for the “totally prepped” auto adventure.

But the core of this morning’s report is an idea I call “Iron Mountain, II.” 

Turns out, we may be on to the underlying cause of all that goes on in the world…

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Slots, Life-Loops, and Investments…

image(Sedona, AZ)  Very much a “to the point” column this morning as we discuss our “secret mission” of the current road trip.  You didn’t think we would be driving and leaving the airplane home in the hangar without a damn good reason, do you?

Then, Saturday we will focus on the art of “investing” again, versus “trading.”  But this morning’s column is about the “softer side” of how that investing stuff takes place and how to trouble-shoot our own thinking when we start to make bad investment decisions.

So this morning a bit of analysis of investment and trading using a very neat tool called Life Loops.

It also happens that it ties in with our “secret mission,” and how we live (and score) this pony-ride called Life.

But let’s begin with the undisclosed other details of my slot machine approach which I promised yesterday…

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Paris Outrage: Did Anyone Trade in Advance?

image(Amarillo, TX)  This morning we do a little forensic accounting as we look forward to the Monday opening of global markets to see what effect the killing of nearly 120 people by crazed Muslim extremists in France will do to global markets.  A sizeable decline is possible to likely.

You see, the paradigm of the national security state is that such things can be prevented – if we just give up enough of our freedoms.  Hence, we’ve gone along with the airport pat-downs and such.

But Europe?  Their immigration policies have been even more stupid and inane than those being followed by the Obama administration which is seeking to admit even more people – many single military aged males – into these United States in coming months.

So is someone trading in advance and making a killing?  It’s hard sorting the general decline from the possibility of front-running a massive decline next week based on terrorism’s big return to the headlines.

So double-up on the coffee…we’re looking closely and the game’s afoot.

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Should Robots Pay Income Tax?

imageREMINDER:  Banks are closed today, markets are open.  Futures are near neutral and we expect a slow day.

This may sound like a trivial sort of thing to be talking about, but the problem is – trust me on this – far from trivial.

We all know robots are coming.  They will be here any minute to about 20-years from now for most everything humans do.  Already there are sex machines and sex robots so it stands to reason that most other human functions will be replaced, too.

That gets us to the idea of who should be paying income taxes.  And,. as I got more deeply into the research for this morning’s report, the more I found a decidedly anti-human aspect of the tax code.

So we’re on that that trail this morning…one my consigliore – an  accomplished tax lawyer himself – admits is “One of those inconvenient questions we haven’t thought much about in the profession…”

And that’s where we will begin our study.  After crumpets and headlines, of course.  Because while we’re on the heels of preparing for War with Robots, there may be something even more lethal to either them, or us humans.

Tax policy.

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Prepping for War With Robots

imageThis morning is a fine example of a New Depression Journal and Look Ahead:  You see humans are -whether they realize it, or not – in a perilous gulch at the moment.  The results of decisions made now – and in coming years – may determine how humans fare in future relations with machines.

While this is not purely economic, and thus within our normal scope in Peoplenomics, the matter is sure to become both economic as well as social in less than 10-years time.

The decisions we make now are important.  As you will see in the materials to be presented using our hypothetical Directorate 153 paradigm, a continuity of government agency may even today be working the “leading edge” of the issues.

For Gun Rights advocates, there is a key question:  The currently framed interpretation of the Constitution permits us to “keep and bear arms.” 

Traditional interpretation has so far generally limited the definition to fired projectiles.  Yet, as you will see this morning, there are a wide range of non-traditional weapons which are both common and which could be tasked as anti-robotic measures.  In the face of this reality, will Liberty be able to outrun the megalomaniacs who would command hoards of robots?

We are on a new track here:  Where are the limits to weapons and under the Constitution, where do we draw the line?  Pellet guns, compound hunting bows, high powered long-arms, or bacteriological, nuclear, or robotic weapons systems are all on a continuum.

That and our usual short list of key headlines and a lot at where the markets sits as another week came to an end.

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How We’ll use eBay as a Depression Hedge

imageCan it be done?

Well, hell yes.  It’s not that hard.

All you need is a little common sense and the ability to step back from the crowd a bit and see into the economic future.

If you get to where you’ve got even a bit of confidence about what the future may bring, there is no reason not to use all available tools to make a little dough on the next Crash.

And you’ll read this morning, eBay may be a key part of that strategy.  After some employment numbers and a check of the slippery National Debt to the Penny….

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The Scariest Holiday – EVER

imageChristmas is coming, Thanksgiving, too.  And it’s the time of the year when people’s thinking just naturally begins to run to “holidays.”

This is one of those semi-close-hold Peoplenomics reports we do from time-to-time.  Of the sort where our sources are impeccable, the underlying data beyond reproach, and the conclusions are inescapable.

Yet I’m asking you not to post this on the net in deference to our source.  This is an amazing tale that speaks absolute volumes about the future.

Yet it is one of the most difficult to comprehend fully because of its sheer magnitude.

With no more delay, let me tell you about “The Scariest Holiday – Ever.”

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Is the Whole World in an Information Bubble Economy?

imageToo early to say Happy Halloween – but not to early to say Happy Fed Day.

Of course, we all know what a bubble economy is.  We have been through plenty of them.  And when they fall apart, they hurt – badly.

This morning, we ask a terribly important question:  Is the whole “information economy” something of a load-balanced Xeon-powered server bubble that will blow over one of these days?

Just as the market collapse in 1929 was the result of malinvestment from too much hype about growth, industrialization and the emergence of mass media, could we be in a similar place today?  Big data isn’t an answer – it’s the problem as we shall discover.

And intriguing question…so pour that cuppa your favorite and let’s dig in…with 4,300 words and nine charts and graphs, you may need a refill on this one.

Oh, and a surprising update on Bitcoins as an investment, too…

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Date Math: How Long to War and Other Problems

imageBecause our projections of the market being in a blow-off top formation lead-in are working out very closely, this morning we extend things out many years to get a better idea of how the future could present itself.

Granted, this is highly speculative in nature, but then again, so was our recent call for a Dow to zoom up to as high as 25,000 – or more – between now and the period after the 2016 election.

The problem is getting the right data into the model and then doing a bunch of date math to figure out when particular economic landmarks should be passed.

That, along with our market analysis and more, will make this morning’s cuppa bean particularly satisfying. 

Even if our view of the future isn’t precisely right, it’s better to have a 20-80 view of things than be running completely blind when comes to future events.

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Where is the Economy Going – – Really?

imageRecipe for “How to Control a Population”:

Take a bunch of numbers.

Put them in the number/blender.

Frappe for one minute.

Pour.  Serve as this morning’s Peoplenomics report – with a twist.

Garnish with the Tuesday Housing Report.  Serves 320-million.

This morning we’re going to reverse engineer the noise produced by monthly feeding frenzies of nonsensical data which are perpetually revised.

Even though your “useful economic life” is likely less than 70 years, it’s still good to know where reality is despite the hype and the harbingers of doom .

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PCO 2: A Problem or Three That Preppers Miss

imagePost-Collapse Operations Part 2 this morning as we go through a personal checklist of things I have gotten wrong in 17 years of prepping.   Brought to my attention a couple of ways in the past week or three.

Once you have achieved your SORR (state of reasonable readiness) the problem changes from getting ready to maintaining readiness. 

And, of course, we will update the markets which are acting in curious ways, but not unexpected.  Analysis of what’s likely ahead is always a good thing.  To say that the end of the world crowd got present times wrong turns out to be the height of understatement.

But our work has consistently indicated it would be.

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Signs of a “Feedlot Economy”

imageWe are in one hell of a pickle.

Usually in the fall, the market will make a serious downward plunge, there will be an intervention or naturally occurring bottom.  Following that, everyone steps back from the abyss and figure “Well hell, Merle, that there was sure some excitin close brush with Economic Collapse, but shore looks lack we made it fer ‘nother year...”

Not that we have out of the woods – since the market still has plenty of time between now and the end of the year to collapse – but we are seeing some huge underlying shifts in how the “economic game” is played.

This morning we will go poking around the feedlot and see where some of the bull is.  Even if you don’t join us on the tour, though, the concept of a Feedlot Economy is a useful way of understanding what are some mighty curious changes in spending, saving, and consumption.

Plus:  We review the “Clinton Fix” – how she lost the debate to Bernie and still owns the MSM brainwashing machine.

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