Scaling the Summer Rally

This morning we put on our “Look-Aheads” and size up some of the economic data that is beginning to form. 
Will it support some of our notions about a run-up into the presidential election and then a very bad patch starting in 2017?
Yes, it seems so…
But first a few headlines as we run through what will hopefully be our last “partly sighted” view of charts with major eye surgery tomorrow and hopefully a new contact lens today for the one that went missing last night…

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A Note to the Kids: On Growing Rich–Slowly

This morning, we lay out five simple rules for young people (40 and under) which – if followed – will almost guarantee that over time you will rise to the top of net worth individuals.
Oh, sure, it’s popular to be young, full of piss and vinegar and be anti-establishment and all that happy young radical crap.
But at some point in life, you’ll want a new Lexus or that Audi A-8, or that cruise to Europe, or that exciting new…err…fill in your own blanks.
If you’re ready to see through the political demagoguery, getting rich really isn’t that hard, if you start on the project early enough in life.
Rich isn’t bad and it beats being poor six-ways to Sunday.

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Just the Charts Today

Well, we are down to our last back-up of the back-ups on the power this morning, so we will do only the market comment and the charts,

The original article which was scheduled for this morning (2-Hours a week to being a millionaire) will have to wait for Saturday…

Folksy commentary is fun, enjoyable reading, but most all of it pales compared to making a bunch of money without doing more than entering a trade, or two.

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Paranoia Weekend: What if Climate Change is a Conspiracy?

Apparently, someone missed his meds this morning.  Maybe it was because of all the celebrating that we got out of our short position with a little money ahead – even after commissions and fees.  Or, and here’s the hard part to swallow:  Because there are a certain number of objective facts that line up in just a certain way that involve a Chicago state legislator from back when and the 2000 vote in Florida.  Yeah, definitely need some meds with this one.

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2DH Project: A Jaundiced Look at “Savings”

The 2DH project is code for our Second Depression Handbook which is, in turn, a collection of Peoplenomics reports and outlooks on how what the world ahead may look like when the big Debtberg we have been watching melt since 2000 finally rolls over and sinks the civilized world – such as that is.

This morning’s focus – after a few headlines and chart, we will dig into planning for the brave new world which may turn out to look like a brave old world from an earlier time…

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Elections 2016 – Tuning Your Financial Plans

Do we care who wins the Presidential Election?
No, not particularly.
BUT we are are in a unique position now to begin collecting notes on how the seeming finalists will pull the levers in Washington, if they are elected.
And that is actually an early preview of what could become very useful personal financial planning data for next year.
Of course there are other markers, as well.  So we open this morning with a few remarks about the adventures of the Teamster’s Central States Fund.  Believe me, there is a major economic planning marker in there if you think about it…

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Update: The Weekend Posting Schedule will be updated around noon- 1PM Central Saturday.

This is due to the on-going eye saga. And if you’re interested in that, I will post an update Sunday Special on the site.

We will then hope to roll into whatever passes for normal around here next week.

Like the doctor says, Thanks for your patients…

The Only Options Left?

This morning we pick up on where we visited in the UrbanSurvival column Tuesday:  The looming collapse of multiple pension systems.

Oh, sure, we can make a case that banks are never too big to fail.  But what happens if the next round of economic collapse brings us head to head with deciding how to deal with long-term pension obligations?

This morning we look at two possibilities to solve for “X” – neither of which will make everyone happy.  But at least in an economic sense, they are a start on that road to fixing America, again.

No, we will not Trump you to death.  There are much more interesting things ahead – like the employment data beginning to leak out.

And oh, yeah:  The Futures are indicating that the Dow will open down 100, or so.  And this will make it two-in-a-row for our fearless Monday Call.  Soft start and turn around today?

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Synthetic Economic Growth?

Maybe it was something in the drugs the anesthesiologist was pushing Thursday, but an incredible moment of economic insight slapped me up-side the head on Friday while the market was tanking.
What if economic growth is all simulated and nothing is as it seems.

We get into that in today’s report, along with a few headlines and the best cliff-hanger of all (now being played in markets near you…)  Is this a correction or is something really “evil this way coming?”  Some damn fine questions, even if the answers are still, as of this moment, incomplete.

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Standing by the the Fed Decision

With eye surgery tomorrow, wearing a baseball cap to control light, squinting a bunch and instilling eye drops prior to surgery, we are sticking with our core this morning:  Long wave prospects for the economy and our personal incomes.

Years back, we evolved a strange view of fractured markets that comes down to this simple idea:  While investing in the Dow might have made sense in a time when there were arguably only about 100 big companies in America that made sense and could be averages, in modern times – and with thousands of companies in each of dozens of countries, average analysts can be led woefully astray by single market myopia. 

With the Fed decision due out this afternoon, we will focus a bit this morning on the Personality of various market stages and ask aloud where we might be now.

After a headline or two, of course.  Starting with where the “ayes” had it in sillytics.

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Are Fed Decisions “Tradable Events?”

It may seem like questing after a unicorn, but then again, that’s what a lot of investment research is:  Going through the trash (mountains of data) and thinking the Hope Diamond might be in there somewhere.

But that’s how we roll around here:  While the longer views of history can be pretty good with enough diligence, so can taking the opposite tack – Superficial and Big Picture matter, too.  Looking through the repeating events for signs of something useful to bet on….er….invest in…it all kinds of fun.

The only difference between a compulsive gambler and a leverage-oriented investor is what, exactly? Difference in casinos, maybe?

At any rate, Ures truly sifts a mountain of data and comes up with a gem…if it works out…but first some headlines to rattle us back to consciousness.

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The Time Dimension of Investing

We have good news and bad this morning.

I went off looking at data on the time scales of investing and instead came to a whole different result.  It was an unexpected observation.

Specifically I found what may be a “hostage moment “to come when the Greater Depression (be patient, soon come, compound interest guarantees it!) shows up.

When the D2 gets here, this “hostage moment” could be used by the Global Caliphate to literally “flip the West” in ways we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Until the coffee hit this morning.

And from there we get into the interesting observation.

First, however, headlines and a bagel.

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D-Week for Markets Ahead: Forest or Trees?

After a most interesting week of vision problems – which I won’t waste you time with, except to say that Peoplenomics will not be deterred easily and things are in “critical mode” right now – what we have this weekend is about as close to a “fork in the road” for markts as you’ll find.

Rather than get into an overly long discussion of some esoteric points of history, we will simply look at the market and see what is there to be seen – because when Fed decision time comes up this week, we could see a violent melt – either up, or down – depending on how the Fed makes the interest rate call.

A few headlines, but then into the thick of it, starting with “The Forest and the Trees Problem” that faces everyone when it comes to making investment decisions.

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