Fed Roulette: An Economic Overview

OK kiddies, gather around the roulette wheel as we spin up this morning on the Fed Meeting which is going on today and we’re due for a rate decision this afternoon.

The market – which usually bashed the Fed soundly with a worrisome decline before each decision – has been in demo-mortis – death by convention.

As a result, it would be a fine time of high distraction for the Fed to wield an unconventional move on us…but first the charts..

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Primarily Charts–And the Keys to the Bank

(Tacoma, WA) —  With the markets obediently following my calls (surprising even me, mind you) we will have a nice, short, to the point discussion of the charts this morning and we can kick around what I’m doing in the way of a position once we get through the second half of the political silly season…

This is what passes for “vacation” for me – which means anything un der 590 hours a week on sorting out markets and crap.  My head is still reeling a bit from that new wave we discussed in the Wednesday report and the implications of that…

In short, I reveal the use of the brainamp.xls spreadsheet and how we use it to predict this coming week should be a down one for the market.

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Kondratiev Got It Wrong?

(Baker City, OR) — Boy, am I ever fun to go on “vacation with” or what?

Honey, just one beer…but I have to get back to the room and works on charts because I’ve been working on this new theory about long wave economics while we’ve been watching the scenery go by…

Yep…that while explaining regression channels without paper as we trade-off driving chores.

Still, that’s dedication (or stupidity…) for you.  And the payoff has been two great insights:  One for subscribers and one in tomorrow’s UrbanSurvival :”Coping” section. 

I’ll leave it to you to discern whether this is good news – or bad – as we get into long wave cycle length discussions this morning…

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Our Annual Economic Pilgrimage

At oh-dark thirty this morning, wife Elaine and I took off – by car this time – to head out on a 5400 mile tour of the American mid, west, and southwest. 

This morning after a few headlines and charts, a preview of why we go and what we find…  This is less a “vacation” than a “date gathering mission.

I think you’ll find it interesting… a few headlines this morning as we head out – but most important are those chats…

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How I’ve Predicted this Blow-Off Rally Since January

To know the future is to profit.  Axiomatically, those who don’t profit, don’t know the future.

I love long wave economics.  It has taught me the fine art of patience – and being a kind of ADHD person, that’s a very good thing, indeed.

This week, we begin our “stealing money from the Man” episode with a critical look at how the current period lines up with the previous Depression.

And armed with that knowledge, we can propose the two key date ranges in 2017 which our next pre-Depression all-time highs will be in.

It’s something to think about – going into what’s looking more and more like the second week of January. 

Of 1929.

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The “War on Cheap Living”

This morning we come across an old problem which is cropping up again.

Call it a move by the PowersThatBe, or call it whatever else.  But the facts are that more stumbling blocks to “living on the cheap” are cropping up, again.

First, however, a look at a few headlines and how our Peoplenomics Oscillator has been better at calling the rally of this week than even my favorite human (me, lol).

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Do the Gold Bugs Have It Wrong?

“The Devil makes spreadsheets for idle minds…” is our theme this morning.

It follows a weekend of reviewing 1930’s price data on typical goods including things like food, apparel and even cars.  What I found out is rather shocking.  I mean I AM one of those gold and silver bugs.

My research this weekend raised some damn interesting questions though and you really need to understand the dynamics of how the numbers run out in order to see what’s-what.  So if you’re cheering gold’s break higher this morning, you might want to consider some of the possible implications of the data with us.

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Enhanced Learning from Stock Market Mistakes

Yeah…we all make them.  Hell, I left a 20% four-day trade on the table this week because of something as simple as a damn phone call.

This morning we kick around some of the ways to avoid the pitfalls and reinforce those good decisions we make, or don’t stay in the markets long.

That as something very significant with regards to our Peoplenomics Oscillator to report…  Bean up, let’s roll…

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BREXIT and Markets: So This UFO Lands…

Not really.

But it sure helps to use a semi-fictional analogy in order to explain markets this week, so that’s exactly what we shall do.  Trust me, it’ll be far more readable than a dissertation paper.

You see, as a thinking tool, we’re big on getting back to the basics because it is often in “the basics” that we find the seeds of future developments that germinate into a full-on deflowering of some of Men’s greatest follies.

Like the European Union Idea, for example.  Been a crappy idea from the get-go, as you’ll see.

This as we continue the exciting (and exiting) adventures of the past week and look forward to the shoals just ahead in 2017.

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Social Contribution-Based Voting

Yep, time to expand the government’s accounting relationship with its citizens.  Only this time, the people making the contributions and writing the checks for the free-loaders deserve a chance to cut a better deal.

We’ll explain.

But first, how the BREXIT vote tomorrow is a non-event except for stock promoters who like to :”talk their book” and why social media is still heading for the rocks, until proven otherwise.

Bean up with a triple shot Americanos, dude, time to rock the cash box…

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How We Live on Social Security (1)

In this morning’s report, we consider the high importance of getting your home paid off before retirement.

But it goes further than that, because as we look at your “silent partner”  (government) we see the move toward “renting your Life” picking up speed…and one of the most subtle ways this works is through never ending increases in property taxes.

So even for non-subscribers, the message is clear:  You not only have to get a home paid off before pulling the golden parachute, but you need to be in a reasonable property tax area, or all your retirement planning can blow up.

Fun, huh?

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